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169 Tue, 8/10/2021, 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM Virtual
Advanced Bayesian Topics (Part 2) — Contributed Speed
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science
Chair(s): Veronika Rockova, University of Chicago
10:05 AM Approximate Bayesian Computation via Classification
Yuexi Wang, University of Chicago; Veronika Rockova, University of Chicago; Tetsuya Kaji, University of Chicago
10:10 AM Stochastic Variational Bayes Estimation for Multi-Site Daily Precipitation Data
Reetam Majumder, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Nagaraj K Neerchal, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Amita Mehta, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Matthias K Gobbert, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
10:15 AM MISNN: Multiple Imputation via Semiparametric Neural Networks
Zongyu Dai, University of Pennsylvania; Zhiqi Bu, University of Pennsylvania; Yiliang Zhang, University of Pennsylvania; Qi Long, Department of Biostatistics at UPenn
10:20 AM Hierarchical Bayesian Bootstrap for Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Estimation
Arman Oganisian, Brown University; Nandita Mitra, University of Pennsylvania; Jason Roy, Rutgers University
10:25 AM Bayesian Propensity Score Analysis for Misclassified Multinomial Data
Yuhan Ma, Baylor University; Joon Jin Song, Baylor University
10:30 AM Multivariate Gaussian RBF-Net for Smooth Function Estimation and Variable Selection
Arkaprava Roy, University of Florida
10:35 AM Bayesian Joint Modeling of Single-Cell Expression Data and Bulk Spatial Transcriptomic Data
Xiangyu Luo, Renmin University of China; Jinge Yu, Renmin University of China; Qiuyu Wu, Renmin University of China
10:40 AM Fast Increased Fidelity Samplers for Approximate Bayesian Gaussian Process Regression
Kelly Moran, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Matthew Wheeler, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
10:45 AM A New Approach for Differentially Private Metropolis-Hastings Sampling
Bingyue Su, University of Notre Dame, Department of ACMS; Fang Liu, University of Notre Dame
10:50 AM Approximate Bayesian Computation with Surrogate Posteriors
Florence Forbes, Inria; Hien Duy Nguyen, La Trobe University; TrungTin Nguyen, Universite Caen Normandie; Julyan Arbel, Inria
11:00 AM Bayesian Interaction Selection for Meta-Analysis with Rare and Censored Events
Xinyue Qi, Incyte; Shouhao Zhou, Penn State College of Medicine; Christine B. Peterson, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
11:05 AM Diagnostics for Monte Carlo Algorithms for Models with Intractable Normalizing Functions
Bokgyeong Kang, The Pennsylvania State University; John Hughes, The Pennsylvania State University; Murali Haran, Pennsylvania State University
11:10 AM Multilevel Network Recovery Through Nonparametric Kernel Machine Regression Adapted for Correlated Variable Selection
Mohamed Salem, VirginiaTech; Inyoung Kim, Virginia Tech
11:15 AM Bayesian Inference of Physical Parameters at Langjökull
Giri Gopalan, California Polytechnic State University; Birgir Hrafnkelsson, University of Iceland; Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, University of Iceland; Finnur Pálsson, University of Iceland
11:20 AM Independent Finite Approximations for Bayesian Nonparametric Inference
Tin Danh Nguyen, MIT; Jonathan H Huggins, Boston University; Lorenzo Masoero, MIT; Lester Mackey, Microsoft Research New England; Tamara Broderick, MIT
11:25 AM Bayesian Model Selection for Spatial Hierarchical Models with Intrinsic Conditional Autoregressive Priors via Fractional Bayes Factors
Erica May Porter, Virginia Tech Department of Statistics; Christopher Thomas Franck, Virginia Tech Department of Statistics; Marco May Ferreira, Virginia Tech Department of Statistics
11:30 AM Bayesian Dependent Functional Mixture Estimation for Area and Time-Indexed Data: An Application for the Prediction of Monthly County Employment
Terrance Savitsky, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Matthew R Williams, National Science Foundation
11:35 AM Divide-and-Conquer Bayesian Inference in Hidden Markov Models
Chunlei Wang, University of Iowa; Sanvesh Srivastava, University of Iowa
11:40 AM Bayesian Analysis of Multivariate Incomplete Ordinal Data Using Multivariate Probit Models
Xiao Zhang, Michigan Technological University
11:45 AM Warped Gradient-Enhanced Gaussian Process Surrogate Models for Inference with Intractable Likelihoods
Quan Vu, University of Wollongong; Matthew Moores, University of Wollongong; Andrew Zammit-Mangion, University of Wollongong