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58 Sun, 8/8/2021, 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM Virtual
Advanced Bayesian Topics (Part 1) — Contributed Speed
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science
Chair(s): Sameer Deshpande, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - CSAIL
3:35 PM Bayesian Jackknife Empirical Likelihood
Yichen Cheng, Georgia State University; Yichuan Zhao, Georgia State University
3:40 PM Dynamically Borrowing Historical Information for the Analysis of Large-Scale Assessments
David Kaplan, University of Wisconsin - Madison
3:45 PM Gaussian Process Priors for Causal Inference Under Positivity Violations
Yaqian Zhu, University of Pennsylvania; Nandita Mitra, University of Pennsylvania; Jason Roy, Rutgers University
3:50 PM Unified Reciprocal LASSO Estimation via Least Squares Approximation
Erina Paul, Merck & Co., Inc.; Himel Mallick, Merck Research Laboratories
3:55 PM A Robust Bayesian Copas Selection Model for Quantifying and Correcting Publication Bias
Ray Bai, University of South Carolina
4:00 PM Random Weighting in LASSO Regression
Tun Lee Ng, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Michael Newton, University of Wisconsin, Madison
4:05 PM Bayesian Causal Inference in Observational Studies Truncated by Death Using Composite Ordinal Outcomes
Anthony Sisti, Brown University; Roee Gutman, Brown University
4:10 PM Non-Negative Spatial Process Factorization
Frederick William Townes, Princeton University; Barbara Engelhardt, Princeton University
4:15 PM Reconstruct COVID-19 Epidemic Curves in Hubei Province Cities by Adjusting Mobile Population Between Different Cities
Neda Jalali, University of Florida; Yang Yang, University of Florida
4:20 PM A More Flexible Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Causal Mediation
Woojung Bae, University of Florida; Michael J. Daniels, University of Florida
4:30 PM Modeling Random Directions in 2D Simplex Data
Rayleigh Lei, University of Michigan; Long Nguyen, University of Michigan
4:35 PM Estimating Number of Species Using Proxy Data on Effort
Simon Wilson, Trinity College Dublin; Asmaa Al-Ghamdi, Trinity College Dublin
4:40 PM SPRUCE: Bayesian Multivariate Mixture Models for High-Throughput Spatial Transcriptomics Data Carter Allen
Carter Allen, The Ohio State University; Dongjun Chung, Ohio State University
4:45 PM Bayesian Hypothesis Testing on Kendall Rank Correlation Coefficient
Min Wang, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Keying Ye, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Shen Zhang , The University of Texas at San Antonio
4:50 PM Bayesian Modeling of Time-Varying Conditional Heteroscedasticity
Sayar Karmakar, University of Florida; Arkaprava Roy, University of Florida
4:55 PM Intergroup and Intragroup Correlation for Binary Regression Data
Marc Sobel, Temple University; Andres Perez, Temple university
5:00 PM Confidently Comparing Bayesian Estimates with the C-Value
Brian Trippe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - CSAIL; Sameer Deshpande, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - CSAIL; Tamara Broderick, MIT
5:05 PM Modeling Data Using Horseshoe Processes
Elizabeth C Chase, University of Michigan; Jeremy M.G. Taylor, University of Michigan; Philip Boonstra, University of Michigan
5:10 PM Efficient Bayesian Model Selection for Coupled Hidden Markov Models with Application to Infectious Diseases
Jake Carson, University of Warwick; Trevelyan J McKinley, University of Exeter; Peter Neal, University of Nottingham; Simon EF Spencer, University of Warwick