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167 Tue, 8/10/2021, 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM Virtual
Data Mining and Econometrics — Contributed Speed
Business and Economic Statistics Section, Text Analysis Interest Group
Chair(s): Jonathan R Bradley, Florida State University
10:05 AM Locally Stationary Quantile Regression for Inflation and Interest Rates
Seonjin Kim, Miami University; Zhuying Xu, Indeed Inc; Zhibiao Zhao, Penn State University
10:10 AM Comparison of US Median Family Income with Canada Through Simple Tables and Age-Period-Cohort Models with Interesting Stories Behind
Wenjiang Fu, University of Houston; Li Gan, Texas A&M University; Jiming Jiang, University of California, Davis
10:15 AM Identification of Linear Rational Expectations Models with Exogenous Variables
Peter Zadrozny, Bureau of Labor Statistics
10:20 AM Income Distribution Determinants: A Compositional Data Approach
Rafiq Hijazi, Zayed University
10:25 AM Statistical Inference for Noisy Matrix Completion Incorporating Auxiliary Information
Shujie Ma, University of California, Riverside; Yinchu Zhu, Economics, Brandeis University; PoYao Niu, Department of Statistics, University of California, Riverside
10:30 AM An Application of the LASSO Regression to Assess Poverty on ECOWAS Countries
Brian William Sloboda, Uop, Depart of Labor; Dennis Pearson , Austin Peay State University
10:35 AM Ranking Interestingness Scores for Overdispersed and Heteroskedastic Data at Scale
Serge Sverdlov, Microsoft Corporation
10:40 AM Detecting and Measuring Product Innovation in News Articles Using Google’s BERT
Neil Kattampallil, Biocomplexity Institute, University of Virginia; Gizem Korkmaz, University of Virginia; Gary Anderson, National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics, National Science Foundation
10:45 AM Structural Breaks in Seemingly Unrelated Regression Models
Shahnaz Parsaeian, University of Kansas
10:50 AM Identification and Estimation of Demand in Large Concentrated Markets
Saman Banafti, UC Riverside; Tae-Hwy Lee, University of California, Riverside
11:00 AM Likelihood Specification in Simultaneous Equation Models for Discrete Data
Angela Vossmeyer, Claremont McKenna College; Ivan Jeliazkov, University of California, Irvine
11:05 AM Identifying Number of Factors in Dynamic Factor Models Contributing to GDP Nowcasting: Bayesian Approach with Horse Shoe Shrinkage
Jiayi Luo, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University; Cindy Yu, Iowa State University
11:10 AM Generating Differentially Private Synthetic Heavy-Tailed Data
Tran Tran, Pennsylvania State University; Matthew Reimherr, Penn State University; Aleksandra Slavkovic, Penn State University
11:15 AM Using Real Estate Data to Improve Business Student Interpretation in Regression
Mitra Lal Devkota, University of North Georgia ; Eric B Howington, Valdosta State University
11:20 AM Improving Weight Representivity of Fixed Quantity Consumer Price Index Products
Joshua Klick, Bureau of Labor Statistics
11:25 AM Shapley-Value-Based Feature Attribution for Risk-Utility Tradeoff in Data Privacy
Francis Bilson Darku, University of Notre Dame; Xinxue Qu, University of Notre Dame; Hong Guo, University of Notre Dame
11:30 AM Are Respondents Changing the Way They Self-Select Their Industry Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Sania Khan, US Bureau of Labor Statistics; Emily Thomas, US Bureau of Labor Statistics
11:35 AM Email Solicitation for the Multiple Worksite Report (MWR) During the Pandemic
Kelly Quinn, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; Emily Thomas, US Bureau of Labor Statistics
11:40 AM Latent Class Modeling of Passenger Airfares in the US Airline Industry
Neela D Manage, Florida Atlantic University