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289 Wed, 8/11/2021, 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM Virtual
Recent Advances in Mathematical Statistics and Probability — Contributed Speed
Chair(s): Pierre C Bellec, Rutgers University
1:35 PM Multistage Estimators for Missing Covariates and Incomplete Outcomes
Daniel Suen, University of Washington; Yen-Chi Chen, University of Washington
1:40 PM Adversarial Contamination of Networks: A New Trimming Method
Sheyda Peyman, University of Maryland; Vince Lyzinski, University of Maryland
1:45 PM Subgraph Nomination: Query by Example Subgraph Retrieval in Networks
AlFahad AlQadhi, University of Maryland; Carey E Priebe, Johns Hopkins University; Hayden S. Helm, Johns Hopkins University; Vince Lyzinski, University of Maryland
1:50 PM Random Graph Asymptotics for Treatment Effect Estimation Under Network Interference
Shuangning Li, Stanford University; Stefan Wager, Stanford University
1:55 PM Density Estimation in the Context of Deconvolution
Sucharita Ghosh, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
2:00 PM Two Symmetric and Computationally Efficient Gini Correlations
Courtney Vanderford, University of Mississippi; Xin Dang, University of Mississippi; Yongli Sang, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2:05 PM WITHDRAWN: Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of Organ Weight Toxicity Data Across Multiple Rodent Studies
GARY LARSON, DLH CORPORATION; Jeffrey Krause, DLH CORPORATION; Guanhua Xie, DLH CORPORATION; Shawn Harris, DLH CORPORATION; Sandra McBride, DLH CORPORATION; Keith Shockley, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
2:10 PM Polluted threshold growth models in Two Dimensions with a General Neighborhood Structure
Amartya Ghosh, The Ohio State University
2:15 PM Copula-Based Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Inference with Unobserved Confounding
Jiajing Zheng, University of California, Santa Barbara; Alexander D’Amour, Google Brain; Alexander Franks, University of California, Santa Barbara
2:20 PM Utilizing Wasserstein Distance in Convergence Complexity Analysis of MCMC Algorithms
Bryant Frost Davis, University of Florida; James P Hobert, University of Florida
2:30 PM Approximate Cosufficient Sampling for Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Synthetic Data
Jordan Alexander Awan, Purdue University; Zhanrui Cai, The Pennsylvania State University
2:35 PM Estimating Drift and Minorization Coefficients for Gibbs Sampling Algorithms
David Spade, University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee
2:40 PM Kernel Smoothing, Mean Shift, and Their Learning Theory with Directional Data
Yikun Zhang, University of Washington, Seattle; Yen-Chi Chen, University of Washington
2:45 PM Simultaneous confidence bands for comparing variance functions of two samples in nonparametric regression model
Chen Zhong, Tsinghua University; Lijian Yang, Tsinghua University
2:50 PM Inference for Linear Functional in High-Dimensional Quantile Regression
Prabrisha Rakshit, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Zijian Guo, Rutgers University
2:55 PM Functional Sufficient Dimension Reduction Through Average Fréchet Derivatives
Kuang-Yao Lee, Temple University; Lexin Li, University of California, Berkeley
3:00 PM Estimate Low-Rank Matrices via Approximate Message Passing with Spectral Initialization
Xinyi Zhong, Yale University; Tianhao Wang, Yale University ; Zhou Fan, Yale University
3:05 PM Evaluating More Moments of a Unit-Root Test in Elementary Models
Ray-Shine Lee, Shine-In Quantitative Research E-Commerce Company
3:10 PM Combinatorial Regression Model in Abstract Simplicial Complexes
Andrej Srakar, Institute for Economic Research (IER) and University of Ljubljana