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134 Mon, 8/9/2021, 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM Virtual
Bayesian Modeling — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistical Computing
Chair(s): Suyash Gupta, Stanford University
1:35 PM Lookahead Acquisition Functions for Finite-Budget, Time-Dependent Bayesian Optimization: Application to Quantum Optimal Control
Ashwin Ashwin Renganathan, Argonne National Laboratory
1:40 PM Efficient Bayesian Nonparametric Hazard Regression
Matthias Kaeding, RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research
1:45 PM Variational Bayes for Fast Modeling in Large Longitudinal Data Sets
David Hughes, University of Liverpool; Marta García-Fiñana, University of Liverpool; Matt Wand, University of Technology, Sydney
1:50 PM Generalized Bayesian MARS: Robust, Quantile, and Flexible-Likelihood Regression
Kellin Rumsey, Los Alamos National Laboratories; Devin Francom, Los Alamos National Laboratories; Andy Shen, Los Alamos National Laboratories
1:55 PM Approximate Cross-Validated Mean Estimates for Bayesian Hierarchical Regression Models
Amy Zhang, Penn State University; Le Bao, Pennsylvania State University; Michael J. Daniels, University of Florida
2:00 PM Kernel Thinning
Raaz Dwivedi, University of California, Berkeley; Lester Mackey, Microsoft Research New England
2:05 PM Some Characteristics of Regression Models Fitted Using the LINEX Loss Function
J M Thilini Navoda Jayasinghe, Texas Tech University; Leif Ellingson, Texas Tech University
2:10 PM Quantile Regression on COVID-19
Andrew Kenig, Brock University; Mei Ling Huang, Brock University
2:15 PM Mass-Enhanced Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with Sequential Proposals for Multimodal Target Distributions
Joonha Park, University of Kansas
2:20 PM Simulation Run Length Control with Super-optimal Long-run Variance Estimators: a Tale of Two Communities
Man Fung Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Kin Wai Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2:30 PM Training Graph Convolutional Networks with Fast Monte Carlo
Tianning Xu, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Yifan Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2:35 PM Estimation of Regression Models with Long Memory Errors
Kyungduk Ko, Boise State University
2:40 PM Modeling Non-Normal Data Using a Family of Mixture Polynomial Based on Quantile Function of Hyperbolic Secant Distribution
Mohan Dev Pant, Eastern Virginia Medical School
2:45 PM A High Dimensional Mixture Model: A Mixture Multivariate Probabilistic Model
Mian Arif Shams Adnan, Bowling Green State University
2:50 PM Numerical Approximation of the Marginal Likelihood of Random Effect Model for Clustered Bivariate Binary Outcomes
Edmund Essah Ameyaw, Howard University; John Essah Kwagyan, Howard University
2:55 PM A Bayesian Nonparametric Regression with Multiple Periodic Predictors
Duchwan Ryu, Northern Illinois University; Alan M. Polansky, Northern Illinois University; Devrim Bilgili, University of North Florida
3:00 PM Scalable Bayesian Optimization Using Ordered Conditional Approximations of Gaussian Processes
Felix Jimenez, Texas A&M University; Matthias Katzfuss, Texas A&M University
3:05 PM Computational Results from Portfolio Cut Simulations
Bernard Lee, HedgeSPA Pte. Ltd.; Emma Carney, Stanford University; Tony Constantinides, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London
3:10 PM Floor Discussion