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386 Thu, 8/12/2021, 12:00 PM - 1:50 PM Virtual
Nonparametric Modeling II — Contributed Speed
Section on Nonparametric Statistics
Chair(s): Jay Breidt, Colorado State University
12:05 PM A New Computational Framework for Log-Concave Density Estimation
Wenyu Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Rahul Mazumder, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Richard J. Samworth, University of Cambridge
12:10 PM Data Harmonization via Regularized Nonparametric Mixing Distribution Estimation
Steven Wilkins-Reeves, University of Washington, Department of Statistics; Yen-Chi Chen, University of Washington; Kwun Chuen Gary Chan, University of Washington
12:15 PM Density-Based Interpretable Hypercube Region Partitioning for Mixed Numeric and Categorical Data
Samuel Ackerman, IBM Research, Haifa
12:20 PM A Spectral Analysis of Dot-Product Kernels
Meyer Scetbon, CREST, ENSAE; Zaid Harchaoui, University of Washington
12:25 PM Computerized Higher-Order Efficient Estimation
Zeyi Wang, UC Berkeley; Mark Van Der Laan, University of California
12:30 PM Distance Measure on Independence with Respect to a Statistical Functional of Interest
Lei Fang, University of Kentucky
12:35 PM Bagging Cross-Validated Bandwidths in Nonparametric Regression with Application to Large Sample Sizes
Daniel Barreiro Ures, Universidade da Coruña; Ricardo Cao Abad, Universidade da Coruña; Mario Francisco Fernández, Universidade da Coruña
12:40 PM Estimation and Inference in Generalized Spatial Partially Linear Varying Coefficient Models
Jingru Mu, Kansas State University, the Department of Statistics
12:45 PM Adaptive Estimation in High-Dimensional Additive Models with Multi-Resolution Group Lasso
Yisha Yao, Department of Statistics, Rutgers-New Brunswick; Cun-Hui Zhang, Rutgers University
12:50 PM Composite Nonparametric Inference in High Dimensions
Alejandro Gerardo Villasante Tezanos, University of Texas Medical Branch; Solomon Harrar, University of Kentucky
1:00 PM Using Embeddings for Estimating Causal Effects Over Social Networks
Irina Cristali, The University of Chicago; Victor Veitch, The University of Chicago
1:05 PM Estimation and Variable Selection for Conditional Causal Effect: A Dimension Reduction Approach
Zonghui Hu, National Institutes of Health
1:10 PM Endogeneity in Modal Regression
Tao Wang, University of California, Riverside
1:15 PM The Cumulative Hazard Rate Function for Right-Censored Length-Biased Survival Data
Ali Shariati, Macquarie University; Hassan Doosti, Macquarie University; Vahid Fakoor, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
1:20 PM Estimation Methods Based on Statistical Distances for Model Adequacy for Discrete and Mixed-Scale Data
Elisavet M Sofikitou, University at Buffalo, Department of Biostatistics; Marianthi Markatou, University at Buffalo, Department of Biostatistics, USA
1:25 PM Effect of Trimming on Robust Measures of Agreement
Elahe Tashakor, Ipsos Public Affairs
1:30 PM Generalized Signed-Rank Estimation for Regression Models with Nonignorable Missing Responses
Brice Merlin Nuguelifack, United States Naval Academy
1:35 PM Semiparametric Estimation of Missingness Mechanism with Nonignorable Missing Data
Samidha Sudhakar Shetty, Pennsylvania State University; Yanyuan Ma, Penn State University; Jiwei Zhao, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1:40 PM Efficient Estimation in a Partially Specified Nonignorable Propensity Score Model
Mengyan Li, Bentley University; Yanyuan Ma, Penn State University; Jiwei Zhao, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1:45 PM Spatially Varying Coefficient Models with Sign Preservation of the Coefficient Functions
Myungjin Kim, Iowa State University; Lily Wang, Iowa State University; Yuyu Zhou, Iowa State University