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28 Sun, 8/8/2021, 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM Virtual
Computation, Design, and Quality Assurance of Physical Science and Engineering Applications — Contributed Speed
Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences
Chair(s): Ana Maria Estrada Gomez, Georgia Institute of Technology
1:35 PM Model-Independent Detection of New Physics Signals Using Interpretable Semi-Supervised Classifier Tests
Purvasha Chakravarti, Imperial College London; Mikael Kuusela, Carnegie Mellon University; Jing Lei, Carnegie Mellon University; Larry Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University
1:40 PM Missing-Data Coherency Estimation
Charlotte Haley, Argonne National Laboratory
1:45 PM Scalable Statistical Inference of Photometric Redshift via Data Subsampling
arindam fadikar, argonne national laboratory; Stefan M Wild, argonne national laboratory; Jonas Chaves-Montero, Donostia International Physics Centre
1:50 PM Statistical Computation of Thermal Conductivity in Neutron Star Matter 'Pastas'
Guillermo Frank, Universidad Tecnolo?gica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos Aires; Claudio Dorso, Instituto de F??sica de Buenos Aires, CONICET; Alejandro Strachan, School of Materials Engineering, Purdue University
1:55 PM Measurements of Photonicity in Optically-Dense, Multiphoton-Reactive Systems
Peter Hovey, University of Dayton; Mark Masthay, University of Dayton; Wenyue Wang, University of Dayton; David Johnson, University of Dayton; Merritt Helvenston, New Mexico Highlands University
2:00 PM Determining the Accuracy and Precision of DEEP2 Spectroscopic and Photometric Galaxy Redshift Measurements Using a Measurement Error Model
Richard Anthony Bilonick, R. A. Bilonick Statistics Consultancy LLC
2:05 PM Latent Function Calibration to Estimate Shock Hugoniots
Scott Vander Wiel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
2:10 PM Learning and Deploying Active Subspaces on Black Box Simulators
Nathan Wycoff, Virginia Tech; Mickaël Binois, INRIA; Stefan M Wild, argonne national laboratory; Robert B Gramacy, Virginia Tech
2:15 PM Statistical Emulation with Dimension Reduction for Complex Forward Models in Remote Sensing
Gang Yang, University of Cincinnati; Emily Kang, University of Cincinnati; Bledar Alex Konomi, University of Cincinnati; Jonathan Hobbs, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
2:20 PM Comparing Initial Designs for Bayesian Optimization
Kasia Dobrzycka, North Carolina State University Statistics Department; Jon Stallrich, North Carolina State
2:30 PM Empirical Estimation of the Effect of Frequency Content of Earthquake Ground Motions on Structural Collapse Risk Based on Generalized Linear Model
Min Shu, University of Wisconsin Stout; Ruiqiang Song, Michigan Technological University
2:35 PM Statistical Analysis of Oil and Gas Pipelines to Predict Pipe Grade Using Power BI
William V Harper, DNV; Thomas A Bubenik, DNV; Tara P McMahan, DNV; Benjamin R Hanna, DNV; Steven J Polasik, DNV; Adriana P Nenciu, Otterbein University; Stacy G Hickey, DNV; David J Stucki, Otterbein University
2:40 PM Estimating and Comparing the Stable Crack Growth Region for Additively Manufactured Metals
Lucas Koepke, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Jolene Splett, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Nik Hrabe, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Jake Benzing, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Timothy Quinn, National Institute of Standards and Technology
2:45 PM Multiple Objective Latin Hypercube Designs for Computer Experiments
Damola Akinlana, University of South Florida; Lu Lu, University of South Florida
2:50 PM Neural Network for Prediction of Functional Data
Weiru Han, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of South Florida; Lu Lu, University of South Florida; Jiangfeng Zhou, Department of Physics, University of South Florida
2:55 PM A Generalized Bayesian CUSUM Control Chart
Chelsea Jones, Virginia Commonwealth University; D'Arcy Mays, Virginia Commonwealth University; AbdelSalam AbdelSalam, Qatar University
3:00 PM Robust Multivariate CUSUM for Phase II Profile Monitoring
AbdelSalam AbdelSalam, Qatar University
3:05 PM Risk Score Monitoring Using Change Point Detection and its Application in Health Management
Yuhui Yao, The University of Alabama; Subha Chakraborti, The University of Alabama; Xin Yang, The University of Alabama; Jason Parton, The University of Alabama; Dwight Lewis, The University of Alabama; Matthew Hudnall, The University of Alabama
3:10 PM Modified Control Chart for Monitoring the Process Dispersion
Felipe Schoemer Jardim, Fluminense Federal University; Subha Chakraborti, The University of Alabama; Tiago Landim, Federal University of São Carlos ; Pedro Oprime, Federal University of São Carlos
3:15 PM Floor Discussion