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319 Wed, 8/11/2021, 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM Virtual
SLDS CSpeed 6 — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science, Text Analysis Interest Group
Chair(s): Weijing Tang, University of Michigan
3:35 PM Estimation of the Mean Function of Functional Data via Deep Neural Networks
GUANQUN CAO, Auburn university; Shuoyang Wang, Auburn university; Zuofeng Shang, New Jersey Institute of Technology
3:40 PM Nonlinear Functional Modeling Using Neural Networks
Aniruddha Rajendra Rao, Pennsylvania State University; Matthew Reimherr, Penn State University
3:45 PM Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Networks with Applications to Medical Device Manufacturing
Gautham Sunder, Carlson School of Management; Christopher Nachtsheim, Carlson School of Management; Thomas Albrecht, Boston Scientific
3:50 PM Deep Upper Confidence Bound Algorithm for Contextual Bandit Ranking of Information Selection
Michael Rawson, Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland at College Park; Jade Freeman, CCDC Army Research Laboratory
3:55 PM Exploring Neural Networks' Ability to Generate Music
NOAH Daniel SOLOMON, Bridgewater State University; Wanchunzi Yu, Bridgewater State University
4:00 PM Efficient Path Following Algorithms and Its Applications to Case Influence Assessment
Qiuyu Gu, The Ohio State University; Renxiong Liu, Ohio State University; Yunzhang Zhu, Ohio State University
4:05 PM TensorFlow Versus H2O, Round 2: Predicting Currency Prices
Kenneth Davis, Statistical Significance
4:10 PM Low-Rank Matrix/Tensor Estimation via Riemannian Gauss-Newton: Statistical Optimality and Second-order Convergence
Wen Huang, Xiamen University; Xudong Li, Fudan University; Anru Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Yuetian Luo, University of Wisconsin-Madison
4:15 PM Using Machine Learning Techniques to Model Factors That Influence the Intent of a Person to Take a Coronavirus Test
Sheila Rutto, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
4:20 PM On the Algorithmic Stability of Adversarial Training
Yue Xing, Purdue University; Qifan Song, Purdue University; Guang Cheng, Purdue University
4:30 PM A Dynamical View on Optimization Algorithms of Overparameterized Neural Networks
Zhiqi Bu, University of Pennsylvania; Shiyun Xu, University of Pennsylvania; Kan Chen, University of Pennsylvania
4:35 PM WITHDRAWN: Fair Influence Maximization on Social Networks with Community Structure
Octavio C├ęsar Mesner, University of Michigan; Ji Zhu, University of Michigan; Liza Levina, University of Michigan
4:40 PM Controlled Group Variable Selection Using Variational Autoencoder-Generated Knockoffs and Reproducibility Evaluation
Xinran Qi, Medical College of Wisconsin
4:45 PM Stability of Text Analytics and Topic Analysis: A Deeper Look at Popular Methods
Mary Milam Whiteside, The University of Texas at Arlington; Mark E Eakin, The University of Texas at Arlington
4:50 PM Testing Hypotheses in Agent-Based Models
Georgiy Bobashev, RTI International; Hang Xiong, Huazhong Agricultural University, China
4:55 PM WITHDRAWN: Stacked Models and the Explainability Tradeoff in Recommender Systems
shaudi mahdavi hosseini, m.i.t.
5:00 PM An Eigenmodel for Dynamic Multilayer Networks
Joshua Daniel Loyal, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Yuguo Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign