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164 Tue, 8/10/2021, 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM Virtual
Social Statistics Speed Session — Contributed Speed
Social Statistics Section, Text Analysis Interest Group
Chair(s): Robin Mejia, Carnegie Mellon University
10:05 AM Retrospective Causal Inference via Matrix Completion, with an Evaluation of the Effect of European Integration on Cross-Border Employment
Jason Poulos, Duke University and SAMSI; Andrea Albanese, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER); Andrea Mercatanti, Bank of Italy; Fan Li, Duke University
10:10 AM Multivariate Small Area Estimation for Continuous and Binary Outcomes: Mapping Collective Efficacy and Crime Prevalence in London
Angelo Moretti, Manchester Metropolitan University; David Buil-Gil, University of Manchester
10:15 AM A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of College Crime in the USA
Fatih Gezer, University of Leeds; Xiaoke Zhang, George Washington University
10:20 AM Embedding Regression: Models for Context-Specific Description and Inference in Political Science
Arthur Spirling, New York University; Pedro Rodriguez, Vanderbilt University; Brandon Stewart, Princeton University
10:25 AM On the Causal Effect of Flipping the Party Order of Candidates in North Carolina’s Nonpartisan Elections
Alessandro Arlotto, Duke University; Alexandre Belloni, Duke University; Fei Fang, Duke University; saša peke?, Duke University
10:30 AM Modeling and Understanding Polarization in News Media Using Dynamic Topic Models
Shane Dakota Bookhultz, Virginia Tech; Scotland Leman, Virginia Tech; Shyam Ranganathan, Virginia Tech; James Hawdon, Virginia Tech
10:35 AM Polling Errors and Election Forecasting: A Not-So-Hidden Markov Model
Graham Tierney, Duke Univeristy; Alexander Volfovsky, Duke University
10:40 AM Investigating Similarities and Differences Across States in DVC Scores for Evaluating Redistricting Plans
Thomas R. Belin, UCLA FSPH; Cameron T. Rider, C-FIT Redistricting (Coalition for Fairness, Integrity, and Transparency in Redistricting)
10:45 AM Robustness of DVC Scores to Alternative Density-Variation and Compactness Measures in Evaluating Redistricting Plans
Cameron T. Rider, C-FIT Redistricting (Coalition for Fairness, Integrity, and Transparency in Redistricting); Thomas R. Belin, UCLA FSPH
10:50 AM Modeling Popular Music Genre Preferences Over Time
Aimée M. Petitbon, University of South Carolina; David B. Hitchcock, University of South Carolina
11:00 AM Is Automated Driving Safer? An Application of Survival Analysis in Automated Vehicle Safety Evaluation
Soheil Sohrabi, Texas A&M University; Bahar Dadashova, Texas A&M Transportation Institute; Dominique Lord, Texas A&M University
11:05 AM A Hybrid Approach for Traffic Crash Identification Using Deep Learning and Xgboost
Liang Shi, Virginia Tech; Chen Qian, Virginia Tech; Yanran Wei, Virginia Tech; Feng Guo, Virginia Tech
11:10 AM Evaluating Risk of Eye Glance Patterns by Embedding Based Kernel Two Sample Test
Chen Qian, Virginia Tech; Jingbin Xu, Virginia Tech; Feng Guo, Virginia Tech
11:15 AM Disparities in Ride-Hailing Usage in the US
Wenjian Jia, University of Virginia; Donna Chen, University of Virginia
11:20 AM Bayesian Criterion-Based Assessments of Recurrent Event Models with Applications to Commercial Truck Driver Behavior Studies
Yiming Zhang, University of Connecticut; Ming-Hui Chen, UCONN; Feng Guo, Virginia Tech
11:25 AM Unified Latent Class Modeling of Score and Rank Data Applied to Grant Panel Review
Michael Pearce, University of Washington; Elena Erosheva, University of Washington; Steven Gallo, American Institute of Biological Sciences
11:30 AM Causal Effect Modification: A Case Study with BPS Data
Bryan Keller, Teachers College, Columbia University
11:35 AM Exact Privacy Guarantees for Sampling Algorithms Implementing the Exponential Mechanism
Jeremy Seeman, Penn State University; Matthew Reimherr, Penn State University; Aleksandra Slavkovic, Penn State University
11:40 AM Unbiased Statistical Estimation and Valid Confidence Intervals Under Differential Privacy
Christian Covington, University of Waterloo; Xi He, University of Waterloo; Gautam Kamath, University of Waterloo; James Honaker, Facebook and Harvard University
11:45 AM Bayesian Estimation of Program-Specific Impacts in the HPOG Program
Stas Kolenikov, Abt Associates; David Ross Judkins, Abt Associates