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283 * ! Wed, 8/11/2021, 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM Virtual
Statistical Analysis on Social Media Misinformation Campaigns — Topic-Contributed Papers
Social Statistics Section, Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee, Text Analysis Interest Group
Organizer(s): Edward Kao, Lincoln Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chair(s): Edward Kao, Lincoln Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1:35 PM Understanding and Reducing the Spread of Misinformation Online: Evidence from Lab and Field Experiments
Gordon Pennycook, University of Regina; Ziv Epstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Mohsen Mosleh, University of Exeter Business School; Antonio A. Arechar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Dean Eckles, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; David G. Rand, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1:55 PM Assessing the Russian Internet Research Agency’s Impact on the Political Attitudes and Behaviors of American Twitter Users in Late 2017
Brian Guay, Duke University; Alexander Volfovsky, Duke University; Christopher Bail, Duke University; Sunshine Hillygus, Duke University; Emily Maloney, Duke University; Friedolin Merhout, University of Copenhagen; Aidan Combs, Duke University; Deen Freelon, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2:15 PM The Low Hanging Fruit of the Twitter Following Graph
Alex Hayes, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Karl Rohe, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2:35 PM Impact Estimation of Disinformation Narratives Using Network Causal Inference
Steven Thomas Smith, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Edward Kao, Lincoln Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Erika Mackin, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Danelle Shah, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Olga Simek, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Donald B. Rubin, Temple University
2:55 PM Floor Discussion