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9 * ! Sun, 8/8/2021, 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM Virtual
COVID-19 and Survey Sampling: Challenges and Opportunities — Invited Papers
Survey Research Methods Section, Section on Statistics in Epidemiology
Organizer(s): Ananda Sen, University of Michigan ; Yajuan Shi, University of Michigan
Chair(s): Ananda Sen, University of Michigan
1:35 PM Measures of Departure from Probability Sampling
Roderick Joseph Little, University of Michigan
2:00 PM Bayesian Analysis of Tests with Unknown Specificity and Sensitivity
Andrew Gelman, Columbia University; Bob Carpenter, Flatiron Institute
2:25 PM A Design for Hospital-Based Coronavirus Tracking
Yajuan Si, University of Michigan; Len Covello, Community Hospital; Andrew Gelman, Columbia University; Siquan Wang, Columbia University
2:50 PM Using the Facebook Platform to Create a Global Symptom and Pandemic Effects Monitoring Resource
Frauke Kreuter, University of Maryland and University of Mannheim; Neta Barkay, Facebook Research; Curtiss Cobb, Facebook Research; Roee Eilat, Facebook Research; Tal Galili, Facebook Research; Daniel Haimovich, Facebook Research; Sarah LaRocca, Facebook Research; Katherine Morris, Facebook Research; Tal Sarig, Facebook Research
3:15 PM Floor Discussion