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183 * ! Tue, 8/10/2021, 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM Virtual
Genomics in Neuroscience — Invited Papers
ENAR, Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics, Mental Health Statistics Section
Organizer(s): Wei Sun, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Chair(s): Wei Sun, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1:35 PM Constructing Local Cell-Specific Networks from Single-Cell Data
Kathryn Roeder, CARNEGIE-MELLON UNIVERSITY; Xuran Wang, CARNEGIE-MELLON UNIVERSITY; David Choi, Carnegie Mellon University
2:00 PM Leveraging Gene Expression in Human Brain Tissue to Better Understand Schizophrenia and Its Genetic Risk
Andrew Jaffe, Johns Hopkins University
2:25 PM Estimation of Gene-to-Trait Mediation via EQTL and GWAS Integration
Michael Love, UNC-Chapel Hill; Anqi Zhu, UNC-Chapel Hill; Nana Matoba, UNC-Chapel Hill; Jason Stein, UNC-Chapel Hill; Emmaleigh Wilson, UNC-Chapel Hill; Amanda Tapia, UNC-Chapel Hill; Yun Li, UNC-Chapel Hill; Joseph G Ibrahim, UNC
2:50 PM Deep Learning-Empowered Integrative Analysis of Single-Cell and Spatial Transcriptomics Data
Mingyao Li, University of Pennsylvania; Jian Hu, University of Pennsylvania; Kyle Coleman, University of Pennsylvania; Amelia Schroeder, University of Pennsylvania
3:15 PM Floor Discussion