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186 Tue, 8/4/2020, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Virtual
Biomarker and Diagnostic Test Evaluation — Contributed Papers
Section on Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Chair(s): Joshua Xu, FDA NCTR
Evaluation of Polytomous Diagnostic Tests
Jeng Mah, Beckman Coulter
Statistical Considerations for Evaluating MRMC Studies with Qualitative Endpoints
Changhong Song, FDA
A Statistical Evaluation of Alternative Techniques for Kinetic Analysis of Multiple Injection Dynamic PET Scans
Fengyun Gu, University College Cork; Finbarr O'Sullivan, University College Cork; Qi Wu, University College Cork; Mark Muzi, University of Washington ; David Mankoff, University of Pennsylvania
Statistical Inference for the Difference of Two Youden Indices Obtained from Correlated Biomarkers
Leonidas Bantis, University of Kansas Medical Center; Christos Nakas, University of Thessaly; Benjamin Reiser, University of Haifa
Bayesian Analysis of Dependent Agreement Measures
Ananda Sen, University of Michigan Biostatistics; Wen Ye, University of Michigan; Pin Li, University of Michigan