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220 Tue, 8/4/2020, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Virtual
Contributed Poster Presentations: Transportation Statistics Interest Group — Contributed Poster Presentations
Transportation Statistics Interest Group
1: Bayesian Estimation of Drivers’ Gap Selections and Reaction Times in Left-Turning Crashes from Event Data Recorder Pre-Crash Data
Gary Davis, University of Minnesota
2: “Use of Big Data to REDUCE Traffic Crashes via Enhancements to Models Using Surrogate Measures of Risk”
John McFadden, Federal Highway Administration; Seri Park, Villanova University; Q.B. Chung, Villanova University; Roya Amjadi, Federal Highway Administration; Andrew Graettinger, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
3: Identifying Similarities Between Risky Driver Behaviors Using Multivariate Dynamic Time Warping
Michal Monselise, Drexel University; Christopher Yang, Drexel University
4: Road Safety Scheme Evaluation Using Propensity Score Weighted Regression
Joe Matthews
5: Factors Affecting Transportation Safety: Results of a Large Naturalistic Driving Study
Steve Rigdon, Saint Louis University; Miao Cai, Saint Louis University
6: A Random Effects Model to Capture Seasonal and Zonal Effects on Road Traffic Collisions
Nicola Hewett, Newcastle University; Lee Fawcett, Newcastle University; Joe Matthews, Newcastle University; Neil Thorpe, Newcastle University; Karsten Kremer, PTV Group
8: The Zero Inflated Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Generalized Linear Model for Analyzing Motor Vehicle Crash Data
Xiaomeng Li; Dipak K Dey, University of Connecticut