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121 * Mon, 7/29/2019, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-708
Handling Large Dimensionality, Skewness and Non-Stationarity Through Multi-Resolution Spatial Modeling — Topic Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics and the Environment, Section on Bayesian Statistical Science, Section on Statistical Computing
Organizer(s): Veronica J. Berrocal, University of Michigan
Chair(s): Veronica J. Berrocal, University of Michigan
8:35 AM Models for Large Multivariate Spatial Data
Soutir Bandyopadhyay, Colorado School of Mines
8:55 AM A Bi-Resolution Spatial Model Based on the Skew-T Distribution
Stefano Castruccio, University of Notre Dame; Felipe Tagle, University of Notre Dame; Marc Genton, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
9:15 AM Using the MRA Approximation to Integrate Multiple Data Sources on Temperature

Colin Lewis-Beck; Veronica J. Berrocal, University of Michigan; Joon Jin Song, Baylor University
9:35 AM Multi-Scale Models for Large Non-Stationary Spatial Data Sets
Bruno Sanso, University of California Santa Cruz; Daniel Kirsner, University of California Santa Cruz; Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, University of California, SC
9:55 AM Conjugate Nearest Neighbor Gaussian Process Models for Efficient Statistical Interpolation of Large Spatial Data
Andrew Finley, Michigan State University; Shinichiro Shirota, University of California, Los Angeles; Sudipto Banerjee, UCLA
10:15 AM Floor Discussion