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162 Mon, 7/29/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-705
SBSS Student Paper Award Session - I — Topic Contributed Papers
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science
Organizer(s): Surya Tokdar, Duke University
Chair(s): Surya Tokdar, Duke University
10:35 AM A Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Statistical Model Motivated by Glaciology
Giri Gopalan, University of Iceland; Birgir Hrafnkelsson, University of Iceland; Christopher K. Wikle, University of Missouri; Håvard Rue, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Guðfinna Th Aðalgeirsdóttir, University of Iceland; Alexander H. Jarosch, University of Innsbruck; Finnur Pálsson, University of Iceland
10:55 AM Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling on Covariance Valued Data

Satwik Acharyya, Texas A&M University; Zhengwu Zhang, University of Rochester Medical Center; Anirban Bhattacharya, TAMU; Debdeep Pati, Texas A&M University
11:15 AM A New Class of Unimodal, Asymmetric, Heavy-Tailed Densities with Applications to Regression and Time-Series Models
Li Kang, University of Texas At Austin
11:35 AM Maximum Entropy Based Probabilistic Mass-Radius Relation of Exoplanets
Qi Ma, North Carolina State University; Sujit Ghosh, North Carolina State Univ.
11:55 AM Survival Average Causal Effects for Continuous Time: a Principal Stratification Approach to Causal Inference with Semicompeting Risks

Leah Comment, Harvard Biostatistics
12:15 PM Floor Discussion