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134 * ! Mon, 7/29/2019, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-707
Design of Experiments: Case Studies and Advancements — Contributed Papers
Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences
Chair(s): Cora Allen-Coleman, University of Wisconsin - Madison
8:35 AM A Practical Framework for the Design and Analysis of Crossover Experiments
Katherine Allen Moyer, North Carolina State University; Jonathan Stallrich, North Carolina State University
8:50 AM Optimal Experimental Design for High-Dimensional Asymptotically Optimal Confidence Regions
Binjie Luo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kent Eskridge, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
9:05 AM Optimal Design for Estimating the Boltzmann-Enhanced Langmuir-Hinshelwood (BLH) Model for Graphite Oxidation Rates
Robert Mee, University of Tennessee; Cristian Contescu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
9:20 AM A Nonlinear Regression and Experimental Design Approach for Nuclear Waste Glass Properties

Bryan Stanfill, Pacific Northwest National Lab; Greg Piepel, PNNL; Scott Cooley, PNNL; Charmayne Lonergan, PNNL; Jared Kroll, PNNL; John Vienna, PNNL
9:35 AM Iterative Design with Humans-In-The-Loop for Functional Data Analysis
Claire McKay Bowen, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Joanne Wendelberger, Los Alamos National Laboratory
9:50 AM Sign-Informative Design and Analysis of Supersaturated Designs
Jonathan Stallrich, North Carolina State University; Maria Weese, Miami University; Byran Smucker, Miami University; David Edwards, Virginia Commonwealth University
10:05 AM Augmenting Definitive Screening Designs for Prediction via the Full Quadratic Model
Abigael Nachtsheim, Arizona State University