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212 * ! Mon, 7/29/2019, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-505
Scientifically and Clinically Motivated Statistical Methods for Human Brain Data Analysis — Invited Papers
Section on Statistics in Imaging, Mental Health Statistics Section, Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science
Organizer(s): Tingting Zhang, University of Virginia
Chair(s): Dehan Kong, University of Toronto
2:05 PM A Bayesian Stochastic-Blockmodel-Based Approach for Mapping Epileptic Brain Networks
Tingting Zhang, University of Virginia
2:25 PM Covariate-Adjusted Region-Referenced Generalized Functional Linear Model for EEG Data
Damla Senturk, UCLA; Aaron Scheffler, UCLA; Donatello Telesca, UCLA; Catherine Sugar, UCLA; Shafali Jeste, UCLA; Abigail Dickinson, UCLA; Charlotte DiStefano, UCLA
2:45 PM Characterizing the Longitudinal Behavior of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions on Structural Magnetic Resonance Images

Elizabeth Sweeney, Weill Cornell
3:05 PM Using Neuroimaging to Study Pain

Martin Lindquist, Johns Hopkins University
3:25 PM Brain Connectivity-Informed Adaptive Regularization for Generalized Outcomes
Jaroslaw Harezlak, Indiana University School of Public Health; Damian Brzyski, Wroclaw Technological University; Marta Karas, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; Beau Ances, Washington University School of Medicine; Joaquin Goni, Purdue University; Mario Dzemidzic, Indiana University School of Medicine; Timothy Randolph, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
3:45 PM Floor Discussion