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84 Sun, 7/29/2018, 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CC-West Hall B
SPEED: A Mixture of Topics in Health, Computing, and Imaging — Contributed Poster Presentations
Mental Health Statistics Section, Section on Statistical Computing, Section on Statistics in Imaging, Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science, SSC, Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts
Chair(s): Paul McNicholas, McMaster University
Oral Presentations for this session.
21: Remote Perconditioning Enhances Neuro Protection and Collateral Blood Flow During Ischemia in Distal Cerebral Ischemic Rat Model (MCAo) Through AMPK-ENOS Pathways
Abdul Salam, Hamad Medical Corporation; Aijaz Parray, Hamad Medical Corporation; yonglie Ma, University of Alberta ; Naveed Akhter, Hamamd Medical Corporation; Sajitha VP, Hamad Medical Corporation; Ruth Priyanka, Hamamd Medical Corporation; Ian Winship, University of Alberta; Nosheen Shahid, Hamamd Medical Corporation; Ashfaq Shuaib, University of Alberta
22: Polynomial Based Approximate Probability Distributions
Chris Elrod, Baylor University; James Stamey, Baylor University
23: Measurement Reliability in Mental Health Research: Critical Implications for Research Design and Analysis
Alessandro De Nadai, Texas State University; Marieke Visser, Texas State University
27: Tailoring PCA for Detecting Sparse Changes in Multi-Stream Data
Martin Tveten, University of Oslo; Ingrid Kristine Glad, University of Oslo
28: Ranked Sparsity Methods for Transparent Model Selection
Ryan Andrew Peterson, University of Iowa; Joseph Cavanaugh, University of Iowa
29: Image-On-Image Regression: a Spatial Bayesian Latent Factor Model for Predicting Task-Evoked Brain Activity Using Task-Free MRI
Cui Guo, University of Michigan
30: Fusion of the Semiparametric Models and Network Measures in the Study of Brain Dynamic Functional Connectivity
Maria Kudela, Takeda Pharmaceuticals; Jaroslaw Harezlak, Indiana University Bloomington; Mario Dzemidzic, Indiana University School of Medicine; Brandon Oberlin, Indiana University School of Medicine; David A Kareken, Indiana University School of Medicine; Joaquin Goni, Purdue University
31: Fast Generalised Linear Models in a Database
Thomas Lumley, University of Auckland
32: A Deep Learning Approach to the Estimation of Bias and Variance in HARDI
Allison Hainline, Vanderbilt University; Hakmook Kang, Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Bennett Landman, Vanderbilt University
33: Creating Counting Process Intervals with Ease
Cynthia Crowson, Mayo Clinic; Terry M Therneau, Mayo Clinic; Elizabeth J Atkinson, Mayo Clinic
34: Multi-Scale Vecchia Approximation of Gaussian Processes
Jingjie Zhang, Texas A&M University; Matthias Katzfuss, Texas A&M University