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648 * Thu, 8/2/2018, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-West 215/216
Statistical Challenges in the Analysis of EHR Data — Invited Papers
Health Policy Statistics Section, Section on Risk Analysis, Section on Statistics in Epidemiology
Organizer(s): Elizabeth Sweeney, Flatiron Health
Chair(s): Brian Segal, Flatiron Health
10:35 AM Risk Prediction Using Longitudinal Predictors: An Application to Electronic Health Records Data

Benjamin A Goldstein, Duke University; Michael Pencina, Duke University; Gina-Maria Pomann, Duke University; Wolfgang Winkelmayer, Baylor University
10:55 AM Utilizing Statistical Methods for Pre-Processing EHR Data for Analysis

Alex Milinovich, Cleveland Clinic
11:15 AM Deriving and Analyzing Endpoints from Electronic Health Record Data: a Case Study from Clinical Oncology

Sandra Griffith, Flatiron Health; Ariel Bourla, Flatiron Health; Bryan Bowser, Flatiron Health ; Geoff Calkins, Flatiron Health; Joe Chang, Flatiron Health; Rebecca Miksad , Flatiron Health ; Brian Segal, Flatiron Health; Elizabeth Sweeney, Flatiron Health ; Erin Williams, Flatiron Health ; Paul You , Flatiron Health ; Amy Abernethy, Flatiron Health
11:35 AM Floor Discussion