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253 Mon, 7/30/2018, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-West Hall B
Contributed Poster Presentations: Section on Statistical Computing — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Statistical Computing
Chair(s): Paul McNicholas, McMaster University
1: Stratified Over Representative K-Folds Cross-Validation
William Franz Lamberti, George Mason University
2: A "divide and Conquer" Approach to Estimating Optimal Penalty Parameter in Functional Tikhonov-Regularized Regression Model via Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation
Yichuan Wang, UC Davis; Wolfgang Polonik, University of California, Davis; Alexander Aue, University of California, Davis
3: Scdensity: An R Package for Shape-Constrained Kernel Density Estimation
Mark Wolters, Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences
4: Statistical Techniques to Improve Random Projections and Other Similar Algorithms
Keegan Kang, Singapore University Of Technology And Design; Weipin Wong, Singapore University Of Technology and Design; Haikal Yeo, Independent
7: Caveats on Data Cloning
Brian Zaharatos, University of Colorado Boulder
8: A Probabilistic Tool for Assessing the Laplace Approximation: Review, Optimization, and GPU Implementation
Shaun McDonald, Simon Fraser University; David Campbell, Simon Fraser University
11: Estimation of Space-Time ARMAX Model
Dongping Fang, Zurich
12: Combining Rules for F-Tests from Imputed Data
Ashok Chaurasia
14: Continuous Tempering Through Path Sampling
Yuling Yao, Columbia Univ; Andrew Gelman, Columbia University
15: A Doubly Distributed and Integrated Method of Moments for High-Dimensional Correlated Data Analysis
Emily Charlotte Hector, University of Michigan; Peter X.-K. Song, University of Michigan
17: Widespread (Unintentional) Corruption of Cross Validation Techniques for Prediction Models on Imputed Data Sets
Milo Page, NC State University/JMP; Alyson Wilson, North Carolina State University; Chris Gotwalt, JMP
18: Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference via Particle Gibbs Sampler with Ancestor Sampling
Shijia Wang, Simon Fraser University; Liangliang Wang, Simon Fraser University
19: Sequential Modeling of Spatial Temporal Image Data
Shufei Ge, Simon Fraser University; Shijia Wang, Simon Fraser University; Liangliang Wang, Simon Fraser University; Farouk Nathoo, University of Victoria
20: Package MTEXO for Testing the Presence of Outliers in Exponential Samples
Chien-Tai Lin, Tamkang University
21: SurvBoost: An R Package for High-Dimensional Variable Selection in the Stratified Proportional Hazards Model via Gradient Boosting
Emily Morris, University of Michigan; Jian Kang, University of Michigan; Zhi He, University of Michigan; Yanming Li, University of Michigan; Yi Li, University of Michigan
23: Feature Selection and Classification Using Sparse Envelope Model
Minji Lee, University of Florida; Zhihua Su, University of Florida
24: An Efficient Algorithm for Outlier Detection in Linear Mixed Model
Tzu-Ying Liu, University of Michigan; Hui Jiang, University of Michigan
25: Estimation of Individualized Decision Rules Based on an Optimized Covariate-Dependent Equivalent of Random Outcomes
Zhengling Qi, University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill; Ying Cui, University of Southern California; Yufeng Liu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Jong-Shi Pang, University of Southern California
26: EAinference: An R Package for Simulation-Based Inference via Estimator Augmentation
Seunghyun Min, UCLA; Qing Zhou, UCLA
27: A Normalizing Function Emulation Approach for Doubly Intractable Distributions
Jaewoo Park, Pennsylvania State University; Murali Haran, Penn State University
28: SOLID: Sequential Optimization of Locally Important Dimensions
Munir Winkel, North Carolina State University; Brian Reich, North Carolina State University; Jonathan Stallings, North Carolina State University; Curtis Storlie, Mayo Clinic
29: Hierarchical-Block Conditioning Approximations for High-Dimensional Multivariate Normal Probabilities
Jian Cao, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Marc G Genton, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; David E Keyes, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; George Turkiyyah, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
30: A Computational, Data-Driven Approach to Game Theory
Michael Alexander Smith, Purdue University; Mark Daniel Ward, Purdue University; Deidra Coleman, Wofford College; Doug G Crabill, Purdue University; Jamylle Carter, Diablo College; Jennifer Travis, Lone Star College; Jack Henry Good, Purdue University; Bret Benesh, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University