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118 Mon, 7/30/2018, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-West 209
SPEED: Teaching Statistics: Strategies and Applications — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistical Education, Business Analytics/Statistics Education Interest Group
Chair(s): Brenna Curley, Moravian College
Poster Presentations for this session.
8:35 AM Introducing R to Non-STEM Undergraduates in a Second-Semester Statistics Course

Darlene Olsen, Norwich University
8:45 AM The Statistics Workshop: Cultivating Diversity in Statistics

Gretchen Martinet, University of Virginia; Jeffrey J. Holt, University of Virginia
8:50 AM Statistical Programming to Principles of Data Science: Rethinking the Traditional Statistical Programming Curricula
Andrew Hoegh, Montana State University
8:55 AM Shiny Dashboards to Help Students Improve Performance

Robert Carver, Brandeis International Business School
9:00 AM A Hands-on Inferential Statistics Experiment: Do Students Perceive Value?

Sudipta Roy, University of St. Francis; Richard Kloser, University of St. Francis
9:05 AM How Students Make Sense of Data on an E-Learning Platform

Philipp Burckhardt, Carnegie Mellon University; Christopher Genovese, Carnegie Mellon University; Rebecca Nugent, Carnegie Mellon University
9:10 AM Efficacy of 'the Islands'-Based Projects Compared to Student-Collected Data Projects in Introductory Statistics Courses

Ryne VanKrevelen, Elon University; Kirsten Doehler, Elon University; Andrea Metts, Elon University; Lisa Rosenberg, Elon University; Laura Taylor, Elon University
9:15 AM The Impact of Academically Homogeneous Classrooms in Undergraduate Statistics Education

James Pleuss, United States Military Academy
9:20 AM A Didactic Game to Understand Multicollinearity and Its Consequences in a Linear Regression Model

Luis Quiros Gomez, School of Statistics, University of Costa Rica; María José Solís Quirós, School of Statistics, University of Costa Rica; Noelia Rojas Ramírez, School of Statistics, University of Costa Rica
9:30 AM The Novel Communication Tool: Mathematics Classroom Collaborator (MC2)
Sohee Kang, University of Toronto Scarborough; Marco Pollanen, Trent University; Sotirios Damouras , University of Toronto Scarborough
9:35 AM Predicting Student Performance in Undergraduate Introductory Statistics Courses

Dusty Turner, USMA
9:45 AM Type S Error Control in Hypothesis Testing

Andrew Neath, SIU Edwardsville
9:50 AM Affordable and Open Educational Resources (OER) in Statistical Education
Suhwon Lee, Univ of Missouri
9:55 AM Introducing Forecast Intervals with a Confidence Game

Robin Lock, St. Lawrence University
10:00 AM Teaching Statistical Consulting at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions

Tracy Morris, University of Central Oklahoma; Cynthia Murray, University of Central Oklahoma ; Tyler Cook, University of Central Oklahoma
10:05 AM Helping All Students Properly Design and Analyze Experiments

Jennifer Broatch, Arizona State University
10:10 AM Recreational Statistics at the Junior High/High-School Level

Joy Yang, MIT
10:15 AM Providing Introductory Students a Big Data Experience
Paul Stephenson, Grand Valley State University; Patricia Stephenson, Grand Valley State University; Lori Hahn, Grand Valley State University