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251 Mon, 7/30/2018, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-East 14
Spatial and Spatiotemporal Modeling in Climate and Meteorology — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics and the Environment
Chair(s): Joshua Hewitt, Colorado State University
2:05 PM Bias Correction of Arctic Sea Ice Contours

Hannah Director, University of Washington; Adrian Raftery, University of Washington; Cecilia Bitz, University of Washington
2:20 PM Spatial Modeling of Rainfall Accumulated Over Short Periods of Time

Victor De Oliveira, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Binbin Wang, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Eric V. Slud, University of Maryland--College Park
2:35 PM Multivariate Functional Quantile Envelopes with Application to Radiosonde Wind Data

Gaurav Agarwal, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST); Ying Sun, KAUST
2:50 PM Interval-Valued Kriging and Application in Climate Related Predictions

Brennan Bean, Utah State University; Yan Sun, Utah State University
3:05 PM Latent Variable Modeling for Extracting Consensus Estimates of Precipitation in High Mountain Asia

William F. Christensen, Brigham Young University; Shane Reese, Brigham Young University; Summer Rupper, University of Utah; Michael F. Christensen, Brigham Young University; Brenton Mabey, Brigham Young University; Katie Larson, Brigham Young University
3:20 PM Spatio-Temporal Models for Probabilistic Wind Vector Forecasting in Saudi Arabia
Amanda Lenzi, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Marc G Genton, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
3:35 PM Space-Time Characterization of Sub-Grid Air-Sea Flux Variability

Julie Bessac, Argonne National Laboratory; Hannah Christensen , National Center for Atmospheric Research ; Adam Monahan, University of Victoria; Aneesh Subramanian, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Nils Weitzel, Meteorological Institute of the University of Bonn