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515 * ! Wed, 8/2/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-314
Statistical Modeling for Sports Science and Applications — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Sports
Chair(s): Michael Crotty, SAS Institute
10:35 AM Identifying Individuals with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Through Spectral and Linear Discriminant Analyzes Kristin Morgan, University of Connecticut ; Carolyn Bradshaw Morgan, MECK Limited,LLC ; Heather Bush, University of Kentucky ; Brian Noehren, University of Kentucky
10:50 AM Leveraging Multivariate Modeling and Mapping Techniques to Determine How Athletes' Gastro-Intestinal Comfort Drives Their Sensory Perception of Sports Beverages Peter John De Chavez, PepsiCo ; Jon K. Davis, Gatorade Sports Science Institute ; Lindsay B. Baker, Gatorade Sports Science Institute ; John R. Stofan, Gatorade Sports Science Institute ; Laura Daray, Gatorade Sports Science Institute ; Bridget Sopena, Gatorade Sports Science Institute
11:05 AM Modeling and Simulation of UEFA Champions League Saman Muthukumarana, University of Manitoba ; Ninad Khargonkar, Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur
11:20 AM Properties of Logistic Regression Estimates of Team Strengths in Sports Richard Auer, Loyola University Maryland ; Jennifer Roem, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
11:35 AM Analytics for Fantasy Basketball II George Recck, Babson College
11:50 AM Outline Analysis of the Major League Baseball Strike Zone Dale Zimmerman, University of Iowa ; Jun Tang, University of Iowa
12:05 PM Using PitchFx Data to Rank Umpires Ability to Call Balls and Strikes Andrew Swift, University of Nebraska At Omaha
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