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293 Tue, 8/1/2017, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-326
SPEED: Computing, Graphics, and Programming Statistics — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistical Computing , Section on Statistical Graphics , Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts , Quality and Productivity Section , Section on Statistical Consulting , Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science
Chair(s): Collin Eubanks, Carnegie Mellon University
The Poster portion will take place during Session 214587
8:35 AM Where Does All the Time Go? Measuring Clients' Service Utilization via Time-Tracking Software Dou-Yan Yang, University of Wisconsin--Madison ; Jeff Havlena, University of Wisconsin--Madison
8:40 AM Persistence Terrace for Topological Inference of Point Cloud Data Chul Moon, University of Georgia ; Noah Giansiracusa, Swarthmore College ; Nicole Lazar, University of Georgia
8:50 AM Generalized Bi-Plots for Visualized Multidimensional Projections James Fry, Virginia Tech ; Matt Slifko, Virginia Tech ; Scotland Leman, Virginia Tech
8:55 AM Dynamic Network Community Discovery Shiwen Shen ; Edsel Aldea Pena, University of South Carolina
9:05 AM Maintaining Trial Integrity for Randomized Open-Label Trials Wenyun Ji, Amgen, Inc.
9:10 AM A Mixture-Of-Regressions Model with Measurement Errors in the Response Xiaoqiong Fang, University of Kentucky ; Derek Young, University of Kentucky
9:15 AM A SAS Macro to Create Summary Tables Amy Gravely, VA Medical Center ; Barbara Clothier, CCDOR MVAHCS
9:20 AM Sequential Computer Experiments for Failure Probability Estimation --- a Floor System Example Hao Chen, University of British Columbia ; William James Welch, University of British Columbia
9:30 AM A Network-based Algorithm for Clustering Multivariate Longitudinal Data Matthew Koslovsky, KBRwyle ; Millennia Young, National Aeronautics and Space Administration ; Caroline Schaefer, MEI Technologies ; John Arellano, MEI Technologies ; Al Feiveson, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
9:35 AM Floor Discussion
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