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241 * Mon, 7/31/2017, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-348
Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security CPapers 1 — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security
Chair(s): Jane Pinelis, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
2:05 PM Modeling and Estimation for Self-Exciting Models of Terrorist Activity Nicholas Clark ; Philip M Dixon, Iowa State University
2:20 PM Prediction Uncertainty for Autocorrelated Lognormal Data with Random Effects Matthew Avery
2:35 PM Bayesian Analysis of Explosive Safety Scenarios David Collins ; Eric M. Heatwole, Los Alamos National Laboratory
2:50 PM Users Are Part of the System: How to Account for Human Factors When Designing Operational Tests for Software Systems Kelly McGinnity, Institute for Defense Analyses ; Heather Wojton, Institute for Defense Analyses
3:05 PM Did We Commit a Type III Error?: Understanding the Hypothesis Test in Relation to the Experimental Objective Rebecca Dickinson, IDA ; Tom Johnson, IDA
3:20 PM Interval Confidence Distributions for Tracking the North Korean 'Regression' Robert Shumway, Univ Of California
3:35 PM Cooperative Search Strategies for Pursuing Adversarial Evaders Nicholas Meyer, North Carolina State University ; Eric Laber, North Carolina State University ; Robert Brigantic, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ; Nick Kapur, North Carolina State University ; Alyson Wilson, North Carolina State University ; Casey Perkins, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ; Samrat Chatterjee, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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