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31 Sun, 7/30/2017, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-311
Methodological Advancements in Biostatistics — Contributed Papers
Chair(s): Jacquelyn Neal, Vanderbilt University
2:05 PM Testing Hypotheses About a Ratio of Medians Using Conover's Rank Transformation Donald Schuirmann, U.S. FDA
2:20 PM Model Validation and Influence Diagnostics for Regression Models with Missing Covariates Paul Bernhardt, Villanova University
2:35 PM Investigating Multiple Imputation in Cluster Randomized Trials Brittney Bailey, The Ohio State University ; Rebecca Andridge, Ohio State University ; Abigail Shoben, The Ohio State University
2:50 PM Re-Conceptualizing the P-Value: a Probabilistic Comparison of Models Using Discrepancy Measures Benjamin Nathaniel Riedle, University of Iowa ; Joseph Cavanaugh, University of Iowa ; Andrew Neath, SIU Edwardsville
3:05 PM Tukey G-And-H Autoregressive Processes for Non-Gaussian Time Series Yuan Yan, KAUST ; Marc G. Genton, KAUST
3:20 PM Evaluating Particle Filtering Methods for Complex Multi-Pathogen Disease Systems Xi Meng, University of Massachusetts Amherst ; Nicholas G. Reich, University of Massachusetts Amherst
3:35 PM The Modified Concordance Correlation Coefficient Estimators Parichart Pattarapanitchai, Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, Silpakorn University ; Sasiprapa Hiriote, Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, SILPAKORN UNIVERSITY
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