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317 Tue, 8/1/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-310
Integration Approaches and Methods for Deciphering Genotype-Phenotype Mapping Toward Precision Medicine — Invited Papers
Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics , Biometrics Section , International Chinese Statistical Association
Organizer(s): Chuanhua Julia Xing, XPrecision
Chair(s): Xuefeng Wang, Stony Brook
10:35 AM 4. Bayesian Integrative Model for Deciphering High-Dimensional Genotype-Phenotype Map Chuanhua Julia Xing, XPrecision ; Andrew Raim, U.S. Census Bureau
10:55 AM Dissecting Genetic Architecture of Complex Diseases Through Integrated Genomic Analysis Hongyu Zhao, Yale University
11:15 AM Confidence Intervals for Heritability via Haseman-Elston Regression Tamar Sofer, University of Washington, Department of Biostatistics
11:35 AM Polygenic Risk Modeling Techniques to Incorporate LD, Functional Annotations of SNPs And/Or Multiple Phenotypic Information Using Genome-Wide Association Study Summary-Level Data Ting-Huei Chen, Université Laval ; Nilanjan Chatterjee, Johns Hopkins University ; Jianxin Shi, National Cancer Institute
11:55 AM Robust Genetic Prediction of Complex Traits with the Latent Dirichlet Process Regression Models Xiang Zhou, University of Michigan ; Ping Zeng, University of Michigan
12:15 PM Floor Discussion
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