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312 * ! Tue, 8/1/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-338
SAMSI-CCNS: Innovations and Challenges in Computational Neuroscience — Invited Papers
International Indian Statistical Association , Biometrics Section , ENAR , Section on Statistics in Imaging , Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science
Organizer(s): Sujit K. Ghosh, SAMSI
Chair(s): Sujit K Ghosh, North Carolina State University
10:35 AM Population-Based Brain Structural Connectivity Analysis — Hongtu Zhu, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center ; Anuj Srivastava, Florida State University ; David B. Dunson, Duke University ; Maxime Descoteaux, Universit√© de Sherbrooke ; Zhengwu Zhang, Duke University
11:00 AM Ultra-High-Dimensional Genome-Wide Heritability Analysis with Neuroimaging Phenotypes Yize Zhao, Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University
11:25 AM A New Unified ICA Framework for Decomposing Multimodal Neuroimaging Data Ying Guo, Emory University ; Subhadip Pal, Emory University ; Jian Kang, University of Michigan
11:50 AM A LAG FUNCTIONAL LINEAR MODEL for PREDICTION of MAGNETIZATION TRANSFER RATIO in MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS LESIONS Gina-Maria Pomann, Duke University ; Ana-Maria Staicu, North Carolina State University, Department of Statistics ; Edgar Lobaton, North Carolina State University ; Amanda Mejia, Indiana University ; Blake Dewey, NINDS ; Daniel Reich, NINDS ; Elizabeth M. Sweeney, Flatiron Health ; Russell Shinohara, University of Pennsylvania
12:15 PM Floor Discussion
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