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613 Wed, 8/12/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-308
Statistical Testing — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistical Computing , Government Statistics Section
Chair(s): Jason Brinkley, East Carolina University
2:05 PM Sampling for Conditional Inference on Contingency Tables Robert Eisinger
2:20 PM On Test of Association Using Attributable Risk for a 2x2 Contingency Table Tanweer Shapla, Eastern Michigan University ; Khairul Islam, Eastern Michigan University
2:35 PM A New Transformed T-Test with a Univariate Normal Goodness of Fit Khairul Islam, Eastern Michigan University ; Tanweer Shapla, Eastern Michigan University
2:50 PM Parametric Bootstrap Approach for Comparing the Means of Two Independent Lognormal Distributions Ahmet Sezer, Anadolu University ; Berna Yazici, Anadolu University ; Evren Özkip, Ankara Police Collage
3:05 PM Testing for Hidden Additivity in Factorial Experiments Using the Hiddenf Package in R Christopher Franck, Virginia Tech ; Jason Osborne, North Carolina State University
3:20 PM Comparing High-Dimensional Bernoulli Vectors Reza Modarres, The George Washington University
3:35 PM Likelihood Ratio Tests for Comparing Several Gamma Distributions Meesook Lee, South Louisiana Community College ; Kalimuthu Krishnamoorthy, University of Louisiana ; Wang Xiao, University of Louisiana

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