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363 Tue, 8/11/2015, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-617
Methods for Risk Prediction — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section , International Chinese Statistical Association
Chair(s): David Fardo, University of Kentucky
10:35 AM Evaluating the Predictive Performance of Biomarkers in Survival Models Chao-Kang Jason Liang, University of Washington ; Patrick Heagerty, University of Washington
10:50 AM A Within-Subjects Permutation Approach for Comparing Predictive Ability of Two Continuous Predictors for a Survival Outcome Ming-Wen An, Vassar College ; Gwenael Le Teuff, Université Paris Sud ; Stefan Michiels, Université Paris Sud
11:05 AM Prognostic Accuracy for Mixture Cure Models Yilong Zhang, New York University School of Medicine ; Yongzhao Shao, New York University School of Medicine
11:20 AM Simple Approaches to Analyzing Self-Controlled Case Series (SCCS) Data Sally Hunsberger, NIAID ; Michael Proschan, NIH/NIAID
11:35 AM Comparison of Conventional and Novel Risk-Prediction Methods Under High-Dimensional Setting Cathy Jenkins, Vanderbilt University ; Dandan Liu, Vanderbilt University ; Sean Collins, Vanderbilt University ; Alan Storrow, Vanderbilt University ; Frank Harrell, Vanderbilt University
11:50 AM Compare the Discriminatory Ability of Biomarkers Subject to LOD Using Semiparametric Transformation Model Lixuan Yin, George Mason University ; Guoqing Diao, George Mason University ; Aiyi Liu, NICHD/NIH
12:05 PM Using Available Information in the Assessment of Diagnostic Protocols Cecilia Cotton, University of Waterloo ; Oana Danila, University of Waterloo ; Stefan Steiner, University of Waterloo ; Daniel Severn, University of Waterloo ; R. Jock MacKay, University of Waterloo

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