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250 Mon, 8/10/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-204
Nonresponse — Contributed Papers
Survey Research Methods Section , Government Statistics Section , Committee on Applied Statisticians
Chair(s): Andrew White, National Center for Education Statistics
2:05 PM Nonresponse Analysis for School Surveys Ronaldo Iachan, ICF International ; Maria Profiryakova, ICFI ; Kurt Peters, ICFI
2:20 PM Assessing Nonresponse Bias and the Efficacy of Weighting Class Adjustments in a Survey of Adult Educational Attainment with a Nonresponse Follow-Up Sample Michael Jackson, American Institutes for Research
2:35 PM Nonresponse Bias Study Approaches for Equal Opportunity Survey Eric Falk, Research, Surveys, and Statistics Center ; David McGrath, DOD/DMDC
2:50 PM Longitudinal Patterns of Nonresponse Bias in the Current Population Survey John Dixon, Bureau of Labor Statistics
3:05 PM Reducing Unit Nonresponse in Controlled Access Situations: An Experimental Study in South Korea Sun Woong Kim, Dongguk University ; Woo-Hyun Yoo, Dongguk University ; Eun-Hee Choi, Dongguk University ; Young-Je Woo, Dongguk University ; Sun-Young Lee, Dongguk University ; Ha-na Lee, Dongguk University
3:20 PM A Method to Assess Nonresponse Bias During Fieldwork Peter Smith, University of Southampton ; Solange Correa, University of Southampton ; Gabriele Durrant, University of Southampton
3:35 PM Response Rates Using Mass Mailing Tools in the National Children's Study Erin Tanenbaum, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Rachel Carpenter, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Lauren Bishop, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Angela Klipp, NORC at the University of Chicago

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