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646 Thu, 8/13/2015, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-213
Wildlife Modeling — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics and the Environment
Chair(s): Sergii Babkin, Rice University
8:35 AM Scale and Analysis of Spatially Confounded Ecological Data Trevor Hefley, Colorado State University ; Mevin Hooten, Colorado State University ; Ephraim Hanks, Penn State ; Daniel Walsh, U.S. Geological Survey ; Robin Russell, U.S. Geological Survey
8:50 AM Partial Stratification in Two-Sample Capture-Recapture Experiments Lasantha Premarathna, Simon Fraser University ; Carl J. Schwarz, Simon Fraser University
9:05 AM A Comparison of Models for Analyzing Occupancy Data Collect with Multiple Detectors Derek Sonderegger, Northern Arizona University
9:20 AM Sparse Priors in Bayesian Hierarchical Models of Predator Prey Preferences Christopher Wolf ; Alix I. Gitelman, Oregon State University ; Mark Novak, Oregon State University
9:35 AM Mapping the Distribution of Marine Birds in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: Making Better Decisions in Ocean Planning Earvin Balderama ; Beth Gardner, North Carolina State University ; Brian J. Reich, North Carolina State University
9:50 AM Dynamic Linear Models for Phenophase Identification in Remotely Sensed MTCI Data Maggie Johnson, Iowa State University ; Petrutza Caragea, Iowa State University
10:05 AM A Flexible Class of Spatio-Temporal Model for Mountain Pine Beetle Damage Kimberly Kaufeld, SAMSI/North Carolina State University ; Sujit Ghosh, SAMSI/North Carolina State University

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