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227 Mon, 8/4/2014, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-255
Speed Session #3: Topics in Methods and Applications, Part 1 — Contributed Speed
Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences , Section on Statistics in Sports , Social Statistics Section , Government Statistics Section
Chair(s): Justin Post, North Carolina State University   
The Poster portion will take place during Session 210563
2:05 PM Using Multilevel Modeling to Analyze Student Responses to a Sexual Health Curriculum Perceptions Survey Tammy Tom, University of Hawaii ; Kelly Roberts, University of Hawaii
2:10 PM A Model-Based Approach for Assessing Reproducibility and Outlier Detection in High-Throughput Biological Data Karthik Devarajan, Fox Chase Cancer Center ; Xiaowei Chen, Fox Chase Cancer Center ; Jeffrey Peterson, Fox Chase Cancer Center
2:15 PM The Control of Type I Error and Power in Statistics for Spearman's Rho and Kendall's Tau Correlation Coefficients by Monte Carlo Method Chittanun Sitthisan, University of Northern Colorado
2:20 PM A Statistical Model for Event Sequence Data Kevin Heins, University of California, Irvine ; Hal S. Stern, University of California, Irvine
2:25 PM How to Calculate Substitution, Insertion, and Deletion Probabilities for Fixed Sequences Jason Wilson, Biola University
2:30 PM Breast Cancer Disparities: a Social Network Analysis Prospective Shun Zhang, National Center for Primary Care
2:35 PM Mixed Effects Modeling in Conjoint Analysis with Multivariate Normal Responses Tanita Cronje, University of Pretoria ; Frans H.J. Kanfer, University of Pretoria ; Sollie Millard, University of Pretoria ; Mohammad Arashi, Shahrood University
2:40 PM Implications of a New Response Option for Questions About Driving in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey Emily Olsen, CDC ; Ruth A. Shults, CDC
2:55 PM A Class of Regression Models for Parallel and Series Systems with a Random Number of Components Silvia L.P. Ferrari, University of São Paulo ; Alice L. Morais, University of São Paulo
3:00 PM The Status of Women Faculty in Departments of Statistics and Biostatistics Marcia Gumpertz, North Carolina State University ; Jacqueline Hughes-Oliver, North Carolina State University
3:05 PM Illustrating Split-Plot Designs with 3-D Models James Alloway, E.M.S.Q. Associates
3:10 PM Forecast Model Comparisons of ISO New England Electricity Demand Timothy Fletcher, Northwestern University
3:15 PM The Effect of Shot Selection Trends on Offensive Efficiency — Justin Post, North Carolina State University ; Michael Dickey, North Carolina State University
3:20 PM Using NFL Draft Metrics to Predict Player Success Nicholas Kapur, North Carolina State University ; Justin Post, North Carolina State University ; James Gilman, North Carolina State University
3:25 PM Efficiency of Scoring Baserunners in MLB William Knapp ; Jason Osborne, North Carolina State University
3:30 PM The Perfect Bracket: Machine Learning in NCAA Basketball Sara Stoudt, Smith College ; Loren Santana, Smith College ; Ben S. Baumer, Smith College
3:40 PM The Importance of Scoring the First Goal in the NHL: Game Winner or Superstition? Samantha Key ; Michael Rutter, Penn State
3:45 PM Applying Meta-Pathway Analyses Across Multiple Phosphoproteomics Data Sets to Identify Common Adaptive Responses to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Cancer Cells Yian Chen, Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute ; Kate Fisher, Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

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