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444 Tue, 8/6/2013, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-220bc
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Survey Research Methods Section — Contributed Poster Presentations
Survey Research Methods Section , Korean International Statistical Society
Chair(s): Joyee Ghosh, The University of Iowa
41: Validation of Prediction Models in the Presence of Missing Data Yuanyuan Guo, Baylor University ; Dean M. Young, Baylor University
43: How Does Online Survey Mode Affect Answers to Customer Feedback Loyalty Surveys? Aarti Gupta, Bain & Company ; Jason Lee, Bain & Compnay
44: Imputation Methods for Surveys: A Demonstration of the Impute Procedure in Sudaan Kimberly Ault, RTI International
45: Creating Intuitive Editing Interfaces for the Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) Richard Windle, Federal Reserve Board
46: Creating an Automated Edit and Imputation System for the Survey on Quebec Accommodation Establishment Occupancy Catherine Fontaine, Institut De La Statistique Du Quebec/Statistics Quebec ; Luc Côté, Institut De La Statistique Du Quebec/Statistics Quebec
47: Estimation of Glomerular Filtration Rate in South Asians: A Study from the General Population in Pakistan Muhammad Islam, Aga Khan University ; Saleem Jesani, Aga Khan University ; Andrew S. Levey, Tufts Medical Center ; Rasool Bux, Aga Khan University ; Lesley A. Inker, Tufts Medical Center ; Nish Chaturvedi, Imperial College London ; Christophe Mariat, University de Saint-Etienne ; Christopher Schmid, Brown University ; Tazeen H. Jafar, Aga Khan University
48: Should the Proxy-Respondents Be Surveyed When Assessing the Regular Smoking Initiation Age? Peng Zhao, University of Nebraska-Lincoln ; Julia Soulakova, University of Nebraska-Lincoln ; Lisa Crockett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
49: Weighting Strategy in the Quebec Survey on the Experience of Health Care Marie-Eve Tremblay, Institut de la statistique du Quebec ; Robert Courtemanche, Institut de la statistique du Quebec
50: Variance Estimation of the Design Effect Alberto Padilla
51: ARIMA and General Regression Neural Network for Forecasting Rice Production in Sri Lanka Manjari Dissanayake ; Ferry Butar Butar, SHSU
52: Comparisons of K-Mean and K-Medoid General Regression Neural Network for Handling Missing Data Janaka Suranga Peragaswaththe Liyanage, Sam Houston State University ; Ferry Butar Butar, SHSU
54: Methodological Experiences from a Register-Based Census Ingegerd Jansson, Statistics Sweden ; Claes Andersson, Statistics Sweden ; Peter Werner, Statistics Sweden ; Anders Holmberg, Statistics Sweden ; Karin Lindgren, Statistics Sweden
55: On Simultaneous Interval Estimating the Relative Prevalence of Forward Shifting in Reported Regular Smoking Initiation Age Brianna Bright, University of Nebraska-Lincoln ; Julia Soulakova, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
56: Imputing Ordinal Data with One Predominate Category Darryl Creel
57: Web Collection in the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Program John Peters, Bureau of Labor Statistics
58: Use of R-Indicators to Assess Survey Response Representativeness Jared Coopersmith, Mathematica Policy Research
59: The Impact on Response Rates of Adding a Survey Supplement Holly Shulman, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
60: Model-Based Methods for Missing Data in Surveys with Post-Stratification Information Sahar Zangeneh, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ; Roderick J. Little, University of Michigan
61: Bootstrap Estimation of Variance from ROC Curve Analysis of Complex NHANES Survey Data Rey DeCastro, CDC/National Center for Environmental Health ; Yang Xia, CDC NCEH ; Connie Sosnoff, CDC NCEH ; Lee-Yang Wong, CDC NCEH
62: 2012 NHANES National Youth Fitness Survey Vicki Burt, NCHS
63: Analyzing Student Perceptions of Teaching with Quantile Regression Kellie Keeling, University of Denver ; Robert Pavur, Univ of North Texas
64: Effects of Response Format on Race and Ethnicity Measurement in the U.S. Randall Thomas, GfK Custom Research ; Frances Barlas, ICF International ; Bill Cook, Advertising Research Foundation ; Wendy Gross, GfK Custom Research
65: What Makes Us Exploit the Community? The Influence of Individual Characteristics on Committing Tax Evasion and Insurance Fraud Ivar Krumpal, University of Leipzig
66: Restricted Latent Class Multiple Imputation Method of Categorical Missing Data Qiao Ma, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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