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354 Tue, 7/31/2012, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Sails Pavilion
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Section on Statistical Computing — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Statistical Computing
Chair(s): Chii-Dean Lin, San Diego State University
39: Statistical Analysis of Weather Data Morteza Marzjarani, Saginaw Valley State University ; Greg McNish, Saginaw Valley State University
40: Asymptotic Expansions for the Pivots Using Log-Likelihood Derivatives with an Application in Item Response Theory Haruhiko Ogasawara, Otaru University of Commerce
41: The tvtools Package for R David Shilane
42: Modified Large Sample Inference for the Ratio of Two Poisson Means and for Estimating Weighted Average of Poisson Means Jie Peng, St. Ambrose University ; Kalimuthu Krishnamoorthy, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
44: Monte Carlo Methods for Jump-Diffusion Processes Anton Kliewer, Texas Tech University
45: An MCEM Algorithm for Positive or Negative Correlated Survival Data Under Various Frailty Distributions: Application to Compensating Victims of Discriminations Wenjing Xu ; Qing Pan, The George Washington University ; Joseph Gastwirth, The George Washington University
46: Monte Carlo Maximum Likelihood Circle Fitting Using Circular Density Functions Ulric Lund, California Polytechnic State University
47: An Analysis of Beer Styles Ivan Ramler, St. Lawrence University
48: R and Hadoop: A Streaming Job A. Santos, Return Path ; Nathan McIntyre, Return Path
49: Inferences in Simulation-Based Likelihood Using Importance Sampling Fassil Nebebe, Concordia University
50: Comparison of Population Means for Skewed Data with Unequal Variance Evren Özkip, Bursa Police College ; Berna Yazici, Anadolu University ; Betul Kan, Anadolu University ; Ahmet Sezer, Anadolu University
51: Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence to Estimate the Regularized Discriminant Function John Beeson
52: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Distributional Parameters of the Magnitude and Phase in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Signals Pia Lothgren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
53: Using the Bootstrap for Estimating the Sample Size in Statistical Experiments Maher Qumsiyeh, University of Dayton
54: A Universal Statistics Server, with Biopharmaceutical and Energy Applications Stephen Kaluzny, TIBCO Software Inc. ; Lou Bajuk, TIBCO Software Inc.
55: A Nonmetric Embedding Approach to Testing for Matched Pairs Brent Castle, Indiana University ; Michael Trosset, Indiana University ; Carey E Priebe, The Johns Hopkins University

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