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351 * Tue, 7/31/2012, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Room 26B
Topics in Genomics, Genetics, and Molecular Evolution — Contributed Papers
WNAR , Biometrics Section
Chair(s): Danh Nguyen, University of California at Davis
10:35 AM Ggbio: An R Implementation for Extending the Grammar of Graphics for Genomic Data Tengfei Yin, Iowa State University ; Dianne H Cook, Iowa State University ; Michael Lawrence, Genentech
10:50 AM Inferential Tests for the Intersection of Independent Gene Lists Loki Natarajan, University of California at San Diego ; Karen Messer, University of California at San Diego ; Minya Pu, University of California at San Diego
11:05 AM Supervised Predictive Gene Signatures Selection for Cancer Treatment with Survival Endpoint Keyue Ding, Queen's University
11:20 AM A Two-Stage Approach to Genetic Risk Prediction in Primary Care Philamer Atienza, University of North Texas Health Science Center ; Swati Biswas, University of North Texas Health Science Center ; Jonathan Chipman, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ; Christopher Amos, MD Anderson Cancer Center ; Kevin S. Hughes, M.D., Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital ; Banu K. Arun, MD Anderson Cancer Center ; Giovanni Parmigiani, Harvard School of Public Health
11:35 AM Imputing Missing Genotypes in Transmission Disequilibrium Test with One Sibling Gulhan Bourget, California State University Fullerton
11:50 AM Identifying the Rooted Species Tree from Probabilities of Splits Under the Multispecies Coalescent James Degnan ; Elizabeth S Allman, University of Alaska Fairbanks ; John A Rhodes, University of Alaska Fairbanks
12:05 PM Phylogenetic Likelihood Equations: What Do They Mean and Why Should We Care? Vladimir N Minin, University of Washington

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