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239 * Mon, 7/30/2012, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-Room 29A
Advances in Statistical Process Control — Contributed Papers
Quality and Productivity Section
Chair(s): Theresa Utlaut, Intel Corporation
2:05 PM Exploring the Relationship Between Your Ability to Detect Production Process Shifts and Measurement System and Process Settings Laura Lancaster, SAS Institute ; Christopher Gotwalt, SAS Institute
2:20 PM GLR Charts for Monitoring Multiple Proportions Jaeheon Lee, Chung-Ang University ; Ning Wang, Virginia Tech ; Yiming Peng, Virginia Tech ; Lei Sun, Virginia Tech ; Marion R. Reynolds, Jr., Virginia Tech
2:35 PM Conditional Confidence Intervals of the Process Capability Index Cpk Chien-Pai Han, The University of Texas ; Jianchun Zhang, The University of Texas at Arlington
2:50 PM Monitoring Goodness of Fit for Functional Profiles Wei Wang, Penn State University ; Dennis Lin, Penn State University
3:05 PM A Robust Latent Cusum Chart for Monitoring Business Customer Attrition Jingjing Yan, The Ohio State University ; Steven MacEachern, The Ohio State University ; Chunjie Wu, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
3:20 PM Spatial Control Charts for the Mean Scott Grimshaw, Brigham Young University ; Natalie J. Blades, Brigham Young University
3:35 PM An Affine Invariant Spatial Ranked-Sign MEWMA Control Chart Jamil Zeinab, University of Northern Colorado ; Jamil Zeinab, University of Northern Colorado

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