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Activity Details

43 Sun, 7/31/2011, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-B116
Distributions, Models, and Transformations — Contributed Papers
SSC , General Methodology , International Indian Statistical Association , International Chinese Statistical Association
Chair(s): Changbao Wu, University of Waterloo
2:05 PM Correlation-Type Goodness-of-Fit Test for Extreme Value Distribution Based on Simultaneous Closeness Katherine F. Davies, University of Manitoba ; Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, McMaster University ; Jerome P. Keating, The University of Texas at San Antonio ; Robert L. Mason, Southwest Research Institute
2:20 PM Elliptical Distributions with Conditional Second Moments Linear in the Empirical Second Moment of the Conditioning Vector: Multivariate Pearson Type VII Family and Its Applications Weiyu Qiu, University of Alberta ; Yutaka Yasui, University of Alberta
2:35 PM Applications of Bivariate and Trivariate Exponential Distributions in Reliability Theory Paul Rajamanickam Savariappan, Luther College
2:50 PM A Modified Baseline Category Logit Model Andre Antonio Alexander Williams, National Jewish Health
3:05 PM On Some Study of Skew-T Distributions Nan-Cheng Su, National Cheng Kung University
3:20 PM A New Horizon of Statistics: The Definition of Self-Weight for Continuous Variattribute (=Continuous Random Variable, CRV) — Ligong Chen, USUHS , USUHS ; Yongmei Chen, USUHS
3:35 PM A Basic Conceptual System of Statistics and Several Universal Random Measurements Ligong Chen, USUHS , USUHS

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