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418 * ! Tue, 8/2/2011, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-C222
Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics — Contributed Papers
IMS , Section on Statistics in Epidemiology , Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee
Chair(s): Hua Zhou, North Carolina State University
2:05 PM Comparison of Tests for Association with Interaction of Genes Between Two Loci Jie Kate Hu, University of Washington ; Xianlong Wang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ; Pei Wang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
2:20 PM A New Method to Compare the Haplotype Distributions Between Populations Liping Tong, Loyola University Chicago
2:35 PM On Rogers's Proof of Identifiability for the GTR+Gamma+I Model Juanjuan Chai, Indiana University ; Elizabeth Ann Housworth, Indiana University
2:50 PM Copy Number Variation Detection Using Next-Generation Sequencing Data Heng Wang, Iowa State University ; Dan Nettleton, Iowa State University
3:05 PM Mathematically Based General Framework for Integrating Multiple Heterogeneous Existing Data Sets Into a Novel Data Collection Jozsef Bukszar, Virginia Commonwealth University ; Amit Khachane, Virginia Commonwealth University ; Karolina Aberg, Virginia Commonwealth University ; Youfang Liu, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Joseph McClay, Virginia Commonwealth University ; Patrick Sullivan , The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Edwin van den Oord, Virginia Commonwealth University
3:20 PM An Empirical Bayesian Model for Identifying Differentially Co-Expressed Genes John Alexander Dawson, University of Wisconsin at Madison ; Christina Kendziorski, University of Wisconsin at Madison
3:35 PM Gene Ontology-Based Over-Representation Analysis Using a Bayesian Approach Jing Cao, Southern Methodist University

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