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572 Wed, 8/3/2011, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-A105
Advanced Methods in Health Outcomes with Policy Relevance — Contributed Papers
Section on Quality and Productivity , Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee
Chair(s): Akim Adekpedjou, Missouri University of Science and Technology
2:05 PM Causal Mediation Analysis for Nonlinear Models with Confounding Jeffrey M. Albert, Case Western Reserve University
2:20 PM The Peters-Belson Method for Assessing Health Care Disparities, Extended to Survival Analysis — Lynn Eberly, University of Minnesota ; James S. Hodges, University of Minnesota ; Donna Z. Bliss, University of Minnesota ; Kay Savik, University of Minnesota ; Olga Gurvich, University of Minnesota ; Susan L. Harms, University of Minnesota ; Christine A. Mueller, University of Minnesota
2:35 PM Unknown Correlation Coefficient Between a Primary and a Secondary Endpoint in a Two-Stage Group Sequential Design Yi Wu, Northwestern University ; Ajit C. Tamhane, Northwestern University ; Cyrus Mehta, Cytel Inc.
2:50 PM Model Selection Stability for Population Health Risk Models Diane M. Richardson, Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion ; Daniel Louis, Thomas Jefferson University ; Mary Robeson, Jefferson Medical College
3:05 PM Accounting for Skewness with a Nonparametric Estimate of the Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio David K. Blough, University of Washington
3:20 PM Modeling Zero-Inflated Longitudinal Ordinal Data: An Application to Marijuana and Cocaine Use Rajendra Kadel, University of South Florida ; Getachew Dagne, University of South Florida

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