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  300522  By:  Scott D. Patterson 8:35 AM 08/13/2002
Statistical Aspects of Bioequivalence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  300584  By:  Ralph  Bradley 9:20 AM 08/15/2002
Testing for Adverse Selection in the Health Plan Market

  300595  By:  Mohammad  Ahsanullah 9:20 AM 08/15/2002
K-Record of Univariate Distributions

  300771  By:  George E. Tauchen 10:35 AM 08/12/2002
Alternative Models for Stock Price Dynamics

  300816  By:  Jonathan R. M. Hosking 9:55 AM 08/12/2002
Maximum Entropy, L-Moments, and Order Statistics

  300908  By:  Stacia   Merkel 4:50 PM 08/11/2002
Appropriateness of the Paired T-Test from Poisson Data: A Case Study of the Effect of Surgery and Streptococcus Pneumoniae and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa on Hearing Loss

  301173  By:  Bruno  Betro' 10:35 AM 08/13/2002
The Accelerated Central Cutting Plane Algorithm in the Numerical Treatment of Bayesian Global Prior Robustness Problems

  301389  By:  Rachel K. Fouladi 11:05 AM 08/15/2002
Moments of the Fisher Transform: Applications Using Small Samples

  301421  By:  Jason A. Osborne 2:35 PM 08/14/2002
A Simple Linear Boolean Model for Assessing Mass Flow

  301615  By:  Mikhail B. Malyutov 3:05 PM 08/12/2002
Bayesian Approach to Parameter Estimation in Individual Protein

  301858  By:  Steve C. Wang 9:50 AM 08/14/2002
The Analysis of Skewness and Evolutionary Trends

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