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  300385  By:  Robert  Weiss 3:05 PM 08/11/2002
Are You My Mother? Identification of Recombinant HIV Sequences Using a Bayesian Phylogenetic Multiple Break Point Model

  300743  By:  Miguel A. AriƱo 2:50 PM 08/14/2002
Impact of Economic Cycles on the Evolution of an Industry

  300226  By:  Bernie  Devlin 2:55 PM 08/11/2002
Discovering the Origins of Addiction by Haplotype Analysis

  300193  By:  Von B. Yap 8:35 AM 08/13/2002
Modeling Molecular Substitution

  301858  By:  Steve C. Wang 9:50 AM 08/14/2002
The Analysis of Skewness and Evolutionary Trends

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