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Activity ID:  303
Recent Advances in Monte Carlo Methods
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Room: H-Gibson Suite
ENAR, Section on Statistical Computing* Topic Contributed
Organizer: James P. Hobert, University of Florida
Chair: Hubert J. Chen, University of Georgia
Floor Discussion 12:15 PM

The talks in this session involve recent methodological advances in Monte Carlo methods. Rejection sampling, importance sampling, and Markov chain Monte Carlo will all be touched upon. Methods for calculating standard errors will receive a good deal of attention.
  300988  By:  James G. Booth 10:35 AM 08/14/2002
Empirical Sup Rejection Sampling

  300461  By:  Murali  Haran 10:55 AM 08/14/2002
Towards Independent Sampling for Bayesian Spatial Disease Mapping

  300611  By:  James P. Hobert 11:15 AM 08/14/2002
Honest Exploration of Intractable Probability Distributions Via Markov Chain Monte Carlo

  301001  By:  Galin L. Jones 11:35 AM 08/14/2002
Monte Carlo Standard Errors for Markov Chain Monte Carlo EM

  300670  By:  Christopher H. Holloman 11:55 AM 08/14/2002
Multi-resolution Genetic Algorithms and Markov Chain Monte Carlo

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