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Activity ID:  191
* ! Experimental Design and Dimension Reduction in Gene Expression (Microarray) Data (Chemometrics Session)
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Room: H-West Ballroom
Biometrics Section*, Biopharmaceutical Section*, Section on Physical & Engineering Sciences* Invited
Organizer: David C. Gruben, Therakos
Chair: David C. Gruben, Therakos
Floor Discussion 12:05 PM

Massive amounts of data can be generated by microarray techniques. The quality and information content of the data depends on the experimental design. Data-compression and dimension-reduction techniques are also considered for managing the volumes of data.
  300103  By:  David M. Rocke 10:35 AM 08/13/2002
Prediction and Classification by Partial Least Squares Using Gene Expression Data

  300104  By:  Rebecka  Jornsten 11:05 AM 08/13/2002
Compressing Microarray Images for Statistical Analysis

  300946  By:  Kathleen  Kerr 11:35 AM 08/13/2002
Empirical Validation of Design Principles for cDNA Microarrays: A "Proof of Principle" Experiment

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