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Activity ID:  14
* Designing Questionnaires and Evaluating Mode Effects
Date / Time / Room Sponsor Type
2:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Room: H-Mercury Ballroom
Section on Government Statistics*, Section on Survey Research Methods* Contributed
Organizer: n/a
Chair: Sylvia K. Fisher, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What factors affect respondents' decision to respond and their thought process while responding? Several current topics are addressed, such as the effects of different modes, respondent-generated interval protocol, and the use of grounded theory to design questionnaires.
  300457  By:  Judith  M. Tanur 2:05 PM 08/11/2002
Decision-Making of Survey Respondents

  300612  By:  Diane M. Miller 2:20 PM 08/11/2002
An Experiment Embedded in a Health Survey with Respondent-Generated Intervals

  301331  By:  Mary G. Kovar 2:35 PM 08/11/2002
Grounded Questionnaire Design

  301379  By:  Glen  H. Laird 2:50 PM 08/11/2002
Assessment of Mode-Effects in a Web-Enabled Study of Civic Attitudes

  300777  By:  Sophia  Chan 3:05 PM 08/11/2002
Asking Questions about Diseases: How Questionnaire Design Changes Impact the MCBS Chronic Disease Data

  301223  By:  Norma L. Pugh 3:20 PM 08/11/2002
Evaluating Mode Effects in the Medicare CAHPS Fee-For-Service Survey

  301739  By:  Patricia  M. Gallagher 3:35 PM 08/11/2002
Too Old to Answer?: An Analysis of Randomized Trials of Mode of Survey Administration by Age

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