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* ! College Football Ranking and Prediction M-Madrid/Trinidad
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08/08/2001    10:30 AM  -  12:20 PM Section on Statistics in Sports* Invited
Organizer: Scott Berry, Berry Consultants
Chair: Scott Berry, Berry Consultants
Floor Discussion 12:05 PM

Each speaker will describe their method for predicting and ranking college football games. During the 2000 season they will predict the outcomes of selected games. The results of this contest will also be presented at the session.
  300156  By:  David Harville 10:35 AM 08/08/2001
College Football: A Modified Least Squares Approach to Rating and Prediction

  300158  By:  Michael Booth 11:05 AM 08/08/2001
WebLARC: An Automated Internet System Using Pairwise Comparisons for the Ranking of Competing Teams

  300157  By:  Ed Kambour 11:35 AM 08/08/2001
An Intelligent Bayesian Approach to College Football Rankings

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