Software Demos

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Provisional Software Demonstrations


Title Presenter
The %everest SAS Macro: A Tool for Variance Estimation in Business Surveys Martin Chevalier, INSEE
IST: Metadata-Driven Codeless Development Environment Mira Nikić, Statistical Office of Republic of Serbia
R Package vardpoor Mārtiņš Liberts, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
OptimStrategy: On the Decision About the Sampling Strategy Edgar Bueno, Stockholm University
RPMS (Recursive Partitioning for Modeling Survey Data), a Package in R: Modeling Survey Data with Regression Trees Daniell Toth, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employees Tracker Software Debby Sonino, Israel Central Bureau of Statistics
Sharemind Rmind and the Secure Survey System Baldur Kubo, Cybernetica AS
Enhancing Survey Data Quality with Surveybe Steven Broadbent, Economic Development Initiatives (EDI) Limited
Pogues & Eno Generator: Specify and View a Web Questionnaire Generated from Its Formal Description Thomas Dubois, INSEE
ArcGIS: Modernization of National Statistical Office Business Processes Using GIS Linda A. Peters and Kristen Hocutt, ESRI
SOP – General Software for Statistical Data Processing at Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia Jerneja Pikelj, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
SMART: A New Web System for Small Area Estimation Stefano Falorsi and Andrea Fasulo, Istat
The R Sampling Package Yves Tillé and Alina Matei, University of Neuchatel
MultiWay: A Flexible tool for Paolo Righi and Piero
Sample Allocation for Establishment Surveys Falorsi, Istat
Manage and Archive Time Series Data in Establishment Statistics with R and PostgreSQL Matthias Bannert, KOF Swiss Economic Institute