The First International Conference on Establishment Surveys
June 27 - 30, 1993 ยท Buffalo, New York


Table of Contents

Introduction to the Proceedings


Index of Participants

Invited Papers by Topic

Contributed Papers by Topic

I Innovative Uses of Administrative Data

II Energy and Environmental Issues

III Countries with Developing Economies

IV Surveys of Health Care Institutions

V Subnational Establishment Surveys

VI International Trade in Goods and Services

VII Justice and Substance Abuse Surveys

VIII Surveys of Financial Institutions

IX Geographical Technologies for Agricultural Surveys

X Automated Systems

XI Proprietary Frames for Small Business Surveys

XII Registers and Frames

XIII Countries Whose Economies Are in Transition

XIV Surveys of Educational Institutions

XV Industrial Classification

XVI Economists Uses of Establishment Data

XVII Data Collection Methodology

XVIII Labor Income Statistics

XIX Agricultural Surveys

I Aspects of Data Collection Programs

II Issues in Estimation

III Computer-Assisted Interviewing

IV Evaluating and Adjusting for Frame Undercoverage

V The National Animal Health Monitoring System

VI Improving Response Rates in Censuses and Surveys

VII Economic Data Analysis

VIII Frame and Sampling Approaches for Business Surveys

IX Surveys of Health, Occupational Safety, and Residential Care Facilities

X Disclosure Avoidance, Matching, and Metadata

XI Nonresponse and Nonresponse Adjustments

XII Developments in Stratification, Allocation, and Estimation

XIII Surveys of New Businesses and Startup Capital

XIV Agricultural Surveys and Censuses

XV Development of Establishment Surveys and Enterprise Panels

XVI Identifying Prioirities and Improving Data Quality

XVII Survey Developments Around the World

XVIII Innovations in Frame Development and Sample Design

XIX Research in Agricultural Surveys

XX Improving the Quality of Business Surveys

XXI surveying Federal Agencies for the US Congress

XXII Sampling and Estimation

XXIII Improving the Quality of Survey Data and Business Registers

XXIV Business and Agricultural Survey Applications