Online Program

Saturday, February 22
T4 Learning and Improving Skills to become an Effective Statistical Collaborator Sat, Feb 22, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Palma Ceia II

Outline & Objectives (302885)

Tutorial participants will have read about the POWER process before arriving at the conference and will work in groups at the beginning of the tutorial to apply their understanding of the readings by answering questions and solving problems in the context of statistical consultations and collaborations. I will briefly lecture on any concepts of the POWER process participants have trouble understanding or applying. At the end of this section of the tutorial, participants will solidly understand the five steps in the POWER process that lead to effective statistical collaborations. The second section of the tutorial will consist of role plays in which the participants practice the key concepts of the POWER process. Alternating between the roles of client, statistical collaborator, and observer—while giving feedback to their peers—the participants will practice the skills they will use to unlock their collaborative potential. The last section will show participants how to video record themselves during meetings with clients and, more importantly, how to analyze that video to systematically improve their statistical collaboration skills upon their return to their organizations.